Industri 4.0 : Be The Good Entrepreneur with The Best Skill

Fadhli Muhammad
Universitas Gadjah Mada - Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with a population of 252 million inhabitants. The number of young people in Indonesia is 24.5%. The amount of entrepreneurship in Indonesia is still small, the concrete step to becoming an entrepreneur is the action of all the ideas that have been thought of as well as the need for steps to foster an entrepreneurial spirit. Firstly is by growing entrepreneurial souls by growing financial intelligence to someone early on, introducing and creating business opportunities, passion for creating not buying and others so that they can become entrepreneurs with complex problem solving skills, people management, coordinating with other, emotion intelligence and other skills. Programs to increase the number of entrepreneurs can be realized with assistance from the government, investors, youth, motivators and universities. Branding is done to disseminate information regarding the importance of this program. Increased skills for young entrepreneurs need to meet Indonesian gold 2045.


Indonesia is a country with a population of 252 million inhabitants. The number of young people in Indonesia is 24.5% (BPS, 2017) where the number is a very large number to be an opportunity to empower youth as young entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Youth in this case is someone with a creative, innovative spirit and of course has a high entrepreneurial spirit. The number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia itself is still very low, which is around 3.1% and when compared to other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia (5%) and Singapore (7%), Indonesia is still far behind. The concrete step to becoming an entrepreneur is the action of all the ideas that have been thought of as well as the need to take steps to foster an entrepreneurial spirit.

Growing an Entrepreneurial Soul
  1. Grow Financial Intelligence in someone early
            Financial intelligence is the intelligence to manage needs and also financial expenses. As a step to foster entrepreneurial spirit, this is certainly the first step to give value to the importance of good and right financial management. Our bad habits so far, it is easy to give money to someone when we say goodbye to work or certain business, just to stop someone's crying. As a result, if uncontrolled other than someone does not respect money, they become spoiled and even "threaten" to get it. One must be given awareness for what he is given money and wisely get and use it. Likewise with pocket money, someone can be given pocket money on a weekly or monthly basis, so that someone can learn to manage their needs according to the money they have. If someone needs something, he will try to save or think about finding additional things to get something he wants. .
2. Introduce and create business opportunities
            Business opportunities can arise from anywhere, in schools, housing, offices, can create new business opportunities or additional demand for goods or services. The introduction of a new world will certainly be very interesting if we are able to package it well. Such as photocopy services, stationery, cakes, food (culinary). If you are not an entrepreneur, you can introduce a business when you go to a food stall, for example. Try if you cook yourself and open a stall like this, you can definitely live. Or when you make a Lebaran cake every month of Ramadan, invite someone to think, well if it is sold, surely the profits are good. If you already have a business, invite someone to actively think about your business, by introducing it early. For example, if you have a shop, occasionally someone you are invited to take care of the store, or together shopping for the needs of your store (wholesale), or asking someone, think about what someone likes and can sell in your store.

3. The spirit of creating is not buying

Being an innovative person can certainly be done easily, the question is whether you want it or not? If someone needs something, what we have in mind is we will buy it in the store. Now to grow one's business spirit, then all needs do not have to buy. For example, someone we want cireng (fried aci) snow for example. The price of snowflakes on the market is 20,000 / pack. Parents can discuss with someone, what if we make our own stories, how much capital is made, and how much profit can we get. And try to make your own cireng. This will foster a mindset for someone, that there are many business opportunities that can be used as business. It is this habit of creating something that underlies a person's thinking. This mindset can be trained, and it requires the role of parents as supporters. With the spirit of creating, a person does not grow into a person who relies on others to support himself. A person's orientation is unlike most people, going to school, then looking for a job to support themselves. But what will happen is the opposite, someone will think creatively opening up jobs for themselves and others.

4. Change your hobbies and interests to become a business

Try to pay attention to someone's interests or interests. If he likes reading, ask how many collections are and what if he starts renting his book, or encouraging someone to write. Many talented Teen writers who succeeded in selling their books for example, Raditya Dika. If he likes music, give encouragement so that someone can someday establish music courses, such as Purwacaraka which already has many branches in Indonesia. Or if someone you like design, invite someone and influence, so that one day someone can open a printing business. Including the ability to wash cars, make food, paint, and other hobby hobbies. For teenagers, the hobby of buying and selling online is a good first step if their creativity is developed to be able to produce themselves. Start by giving the name "company", a short description of the products offered, prices and pricing reasons, print brochures and find the right business share. Discuss your business regularly. Ask what he learned and answer the question, the more interest you show the more he realizes the importance and fun of running a business.

5. Motivate the stories of Successful Entrepreneurs
            Character formation will be very important for an entrepreneur therefore it is necessary to introduce influential and inspiring figures in the entrepreneurial world as role models to attract interest in entrepreneurship. Khadijah the wife of the Prophet Muhammad was a successful woman entrepreneur in her day, and she helped the Prophet's da'wah with his possessions. Aside from Islamic leaders, we can also tell the story of the lives of entrepreneurs both domestic and foreign who inspire themselves and their environment.
6. The concept of love for the environment
            Although rarely discussed, but one can be taught that the intuition of loving nature can give life blessings including in business. The love of farming, raising livestock, fish farming and even sorting garbage, is developing into a business trend. Love for the environment will also be able to bring ourselves to love fellow creatures of God well and also be able to bring us and our business continuously. Example: We can meet daily living needs by gardening, for example if we have a chilli garden, or hydroponic vegetables at home, with gardening, we don't need to buy it in the market, even if possible, we can do business from our garden.


7. Failure is normal

No less important in entrepreneurship is having a strong mentality. Many fail in the middle of the road because they are not strong mentally. Just opened a shop a month, it's closed because it's quiet. Well here, instilling a mental "not afraid of failure" to teenagers also needs to be continuously implanted. If it fails, continue to push not to despair. However, as an entrepreneur, do not continue to fail to make every failure as a learning where there will always be an evaluation for future improvement so that failure will not come again. Thomas Alpha Edison needed 10,000 attempts to find incandescent light bulbs. Pak Slamet's fried duck must go through a long process to be able to get a Brand like now. Instilling a mental "Failed is normal" to someone is very important, because this will be a benchmark, whether one day someone will be a consistent entrepreneur or not.


An entrepreneur is someone who runs a business with the aim of giving benefit to others. The skills that must be possessed by an entrepreneur in running their business are among others

  1. Problem solving complex

Problem solving complex here is the ability to solve complex problems by starting from identifying, determining the main elements of the problem, seeing various possibilities as solutions, taking action / actions to solve problems, and looking for lessons to be learned in order to solve problems.

  1. Critical thinking

Critical thinking or the ability to think critically is the ability to think sensibly, cognitively and form strategies that will increase the likelihood of expected results. Critical thinking can also be called thinking with clear, reasoned, and goal-oriented goals.

  1. Creativity

Creativity or creativity is the ability and ability to continue to innovate, find something unique and beneficial for society and the environment. Creativity here can also be interpreted to develop something that already exists so that it can be better.

  1. People management

People management is the ability to manage, lead and utilize human resources in a timely and effective manner.

  1. Coordinating with other

Ability to teamwork or work with other people from outside the team.

  1. Emotion intelligence

Emotion intelligence is the ability of a person to regulate, assess, accept, and control the emotions of himself and others around him.

  1. Judgment and decision making

Judgment and decision making is the ability to draw conclusions about the situation faced and the ability to make decisions under any circumstances, including when under pressure.

  1. Service orientation

Service orientation is the desire to help and serve others as best as possible to meet their needs. By having service orientation, we will always try to give the best to customers without expecting mere appreciation.

  1. Negotiation

The ability to speak, negotiate, and convince people in the aspect of work. Not everyone naturally has the ability to make an agreement that yields the expected results, but this can be mastered with lots of practice and self-habituation.

  1. Cognitive flexibility

Cognitive flexibility or cognitive flexibility is the ability to spontaneously construct a knowledge, in many ways, in giving a self-adapted response to radically changing situational demands.

Hasil gambar untuk entrepreneur

Parties Who Play a Role

            Parties who act as supporters for the implementation of this new entrepreneurial growth program include.

  1. Government

The government as the highest power holder of a country certainly has full power to foster, assist and succeed in this program. Assistance in the form of funds and moral support is needed to help prospective entrepreneurs have a high willingness to become entrepreneurs. The government certainly must provide many programs related to improving the quality of human resources, especially in the provision of facilities to become an entrepreneur.

  1. Private or Investor

Private or investors are parties who are closely related to financial problems. In this case the investor or investor is a support system that is able to be a provider of facilities in the form of very large funds for future entrepreneurs. This fund is certainly needed for the development or even development of new businesses that can increase the number of entrepreneurs.

  1. Higher Education Institution

Higher education as an educational institution will certainly become a field for providers of young scholars who are able to provide innovation for the entrepreneurial world. These college graduates are expected to become entrepreneurs too. In addition, lecturers are also able to provide knowledge and knowledge related to product innovation to the public so that they can shape the mindset of the community to be able to provide innovation for their country.

  1. Successful inspirers or entrepreneurs

Sharing experiences is very much needed by entrepreneurs who are starting their business. The role of a successful entrepreneur here is as an inspiration for beginner entrepreneurs to continue their innovation and business so that they can provide benefits later.

  1. Youth

Youth are the nation's biggest asset, youth are needed as the next generation of the nation. Youth are very important needs because they have high fighting spirit with innovative ideas. Therefore, youth is the main subject of the perpetrators for later young entrepreneurial activities so that they are able to become agents for increasing the number of entrepreneurs with good skill quality.






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Branding to become an entrepreneur
            The percentage of entrepreneurs in several developing countries is very small. Even though we know that entrepreneurs are a benchmark for the prosperity of a nation. In this case, branding is needed in relation to this program. We can do branding by creating programs in collaboration with the government related to funding or competition in business plan competition, or conducting entrepreneurial seminars or inviting inspirers to give public lectures in the community or on campuses.


            Entrepreneurs are the most important subject for the progress of a nation. Indonesia as a country with a very high youth population (bonus demography) should be able to use the parties involved in comparing the activities of entrepreneurs. Increased skills for young entrepreneurs need to meet Indonesian gold 2045.


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