Skills that student needs for further development

Seo Choong Hyun
Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) - China

With the development of various fields in society, people and in many business areas around the world has been affected and growth together. people have been changed as society changed and technology develops as people needs. nowadays technology, business and people coherent in one society and live with harmony. With this rapid change; what kind of skills are needed to improve one’s career development? Nowadays, each one of every country people have their own perspective view and original ideas based on cultural background and knowledge. education background and government policy also could be the reason of changing people’s perspective "the optimist sees opportunity in every danger; the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity" (Winston S. Churchill). there are many opportunities and many students in my age missed those valuable opportunities due to lock of experience and scared of decision making because of uncertainty. University do not teach students about experience, real life, curruption, nonsence, and even many other variables that might happen in real life. they only teach basic knowledge to students and expecting them be well after graduate. so I beleive that relationship, poisitivity and originality is one of the most important skills to be needed for career development. 

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