Le Minh Thang
University of transport and communications - Viet Nam

With the development of science and technology and the trend of industrialization in Vietnam in recent years has created a large demand for labor.  The impact of the industrial revolution 4.0 and especially the world economic integration Demand for skilled labor and technical expertise. College colleges annually enroll a large number of students. But the quality and technical qualifications of graduates have not met domestic and international requirements. According to the report of Minister of Labor, War Invalids - Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung The number of people unemployed in the first quarter of 2018 is 1.1 million, the national unemployment rate is about 2.01%. The youth unemployment rate is over 7%. This is still the problem of human resources in Vietnam today. In this article, I would like to give my comments on the role of some organizations in improving the professional skills of students.

1.    Organization of Youth Union - students union.
This is an organization that students can easily learn and participate in to develop soft skills. Soft skills may include skills such as: communication, leadership, ... If students participate in the association is easy to access and accumulate many skills event management, good time management and finance. Youth Union students also organize many programs, contests, creating technology products To stimulate the development of a number of industries such as: information technology, electronics, construction, ... This is an opportunity for students to improve their professional knowledge. Group-association work must be closely linked to reality and highly applicable. Schools should organize programs related to academic fields to help students gain access to and exchange learning experiences.
2. The role of the school
     The school is where students study and is directly influenced by the industry's expertise to apply it. In addition to improving the level of faculty, The school needs to provide students with the most practical learning environment, shorten the learning time theoretical increase in practice time. There is only so much advanced training effect and students gain knowledge of the foundation. Annually organizes programs such as career counseling, Employment opportunities help students reach employers. The needs and requirements of recruiters can be learned so that students plan to perfect the criteria set during the learning process. Especially, universities should directly link with local and international companies to negotiate employment opportunities for students.
3. Role of companies and businesses
Should order with the school to link training according to the needs of the employer. The process of integration has been increasingly widened by the fact that every entrepreneur of big companies or corporations has expanded its manufacturing and business sectors. Therefore, the demand for labor is higher so it is necessary to have the investment in human resources to be of good quality. An example of a Vingroup corporation that has signed strategic partnerships with Cornell and Pennsyllvania to improve the quality of training and towards the international level. Concurrently, many universities in the country to develop high-tech human resources to work in the corporation.
4. Role of start-up and innovation support centers.
Starting in 2016, the concept of entrepreneurship has started to spread vigorously in Vietnam And much to the young. Starting a career means that you want to have a stable job and grow. . Startup support centers are formed and look forward to helping young people with projects, The star up deployment and successful development. With financial and professional support, students gain a lot of skills in soft skills and practical knowledge. If the successful projects of them will become the leaders of the company or business. There should be many centers for start-ups and innovations to create new human factors, Create many practical products that are applied and bring high economic efficiency.
Needs coordination between the school and the business. Schools must assign career orientation to students, clearly define the training objectives of each level to train the best output. Schools should also work with human resource development agencies To assess the current status of technical expertise to timely improve the knowledge and skills. 
    State management agencies regularly provide sufficient information on the labor market, professional skills, building the most complete and accurate database on training, employment, strategies and planning for the development of the national labor force. Besides, it must also expand cooperation Study models of professional skills development of developed countries such as Japan, Korea, USA, ... Facilitate students to work in an international environment. To sign contracts between foreign training institutions on fostering the development of professional knowledge,especially the electronics, medicine, machine building industry, etc...
    In the trend of globalization, competition with other countries, Improving professional skills for students is essential and urgent, so that the young labor force of Vietnam is not lagging behind, Highly qualified technicians to meet the requirements of the 4.0 industrial era.

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