How the youngster should prepare for their future career!

Nguyen Tuan Thanh
University of Science and Technology Hanoi - Việt Nam

Human beings have been witnessing the breakthroughs of science and technology. On the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution, labour is getting more and more novel opportunities as well as unprecedented hardship. Facing the challenges of the times, where would be bread and butter for the youngster to seize the chance while going through the mill? Furthermore, What would be youngster weapons for handling the elimination of the modernization? There is a discussion about skills that the younger need to prepare and which virtue will be required for youth in this digital era.

New era demand new behaviours  

The growth of human has reached to many tops of technology. Nowadays, more and more job be extinct by replacement of the modern device. Understanding that risk, society is more active than ever. There are several opportunities with a diversity of genre launched. Those opportunities are not only open but also helpful for the development of labour.  Those opportunities, as well as risk, are a motivation for the 21st-century modernization.

There are a variety of non-profit activities founded for improving insufficient educational conditions. At the moment, people from all around the world can access the best educational system through MITopencourse, Stanfordopencourse, Khan Academy, ... The Internet proved its power by people from everywhere to the modernist. Beside ameliorating of the educational condition, society at the recent has a massive amount of well-environment for either working or learning. There are free co-working spaces, the workshop opened like Saigon Innovation Hub or BK Innovation Hub. These innovations are helpful for the youngster as well as labour exploit social sources to create meaning values. Moreover, competition, organization, conferences are founded widely to helping for the normal problem, training professional skill and linking youth with surprising chances. Recently, Star-up becomes a trend in Vietnam, we could recognize there are too many supports for this trend.

Competition: VYSI challenge, UNESCO Hackathon, ...

Non-profit Organization: UpShift, Youth Collab, ...

Conference: Web

With all this assisting, people now required to be more sensitive with society to take timely chances.

Nevertheless, this diversity of opportunities also make people confused in making a decision. Almost student in high school face with the most important in their life — choosing a career, however, there are several jobs, field appearing in choosing list but those students have not heard about it yet. Therefore, when they become a college student, they suffer from subjects, lose motivation to study and give up soon. This trouble is bigger than if they can graduate, become a labour and work with neglectful attitude. Confusing in select major may waste people time. They could lose gigantic opportunity cost while learning unnecessary knowledge for their future. There is a story about CEO of one of the biggest coffee company in Vietnam. The story depicts he used to be a student of Pham Ngoc Thach Medicine University but after half of the first year, he quit the course and choosing another career. It seems not only lucky for him cause the moment demonstrated his right decision but also lucky for us to did not gain one doctor with ignored attitude. In addition, a huge amount of open opportunities can also make people less vigilant with crime vice versa.  That is why the younger must be lucid in making a decision.

Last but not least, development of life demand youngster more responsible with society. Superseding of technology is more and more popular during this time. Hence, people required to stand on a position, which could never be replaced by devices. Society is that advantage. Only people understand the need for the human. Being more responsible with human life is the perfect occasion for youth find out many troubles that people struggle with. This is the start for youth create novel product or service adapt human requirement. It not only related to the economy of each country but also contribute to modernization. For instance, we both know about Facebook, which widens sharply and had an enormous effect on people at this decade. This social network solved insufficient connection among people. Another example would be Nguyen Binh noodles as known as Thu Duc noodles, whose founder understand the meaning of tradition as well as lack of fresh noodles in the market. During 6 years, this brand became popular and be one of the first choices of the customer in Ho Chi Minh city.

In conclusion, there are three main points that the author would like to introduce. At first, the youngster has to be sensitive with open opportunities. Secondly, the youngster needs to be careful in making decisions for saving own source. Lastly, Youth is also required for responsibility for society. In the author view, Adapting those point may give the younger chances to be successful.

Why people must be sensitive?

Nowadays, there are more open opportunities for youth than ever. Government and society penetrate the importance of the future generation, that why more and more accommodation created for young people. If people search for any support on the Internet, the result will be a variety of forums, funds, non-profit organizations ready in charge to help people handle their problems. Beside that, on a social network like Facebook, people could easily find many groups, communities for the diversity of professions like coding, designing or farming. The social network is proving its convenience by adding several services help people, especially young people, access to useful activities like workshop or talk show. There are many ways for people to access unprecedented supports from all around the world.

Accessing those chance can lead the youngster to an exponential amount of benefits. Those benefits are the core of helping young people succeed in real life. For example, there are many conferences held in Vietnam every year. During participate conferences, youth gain not only professional knowledge about the conference majors but also relationships with colleagues. For the future, when they suffer from struggles, they could offer help from these colleagues. There are many International conferences were organized in Vietnam include EMTS, ICPMAT, CPM, ... those conferences invited a hundred scientists from all over the world to sharing their projects and having a discussion about their major. That is an amazing way to develop professional skills. Moreover, those activities not only upgrades youngsters knowledge but also open their mind. Some activities give participants a view like a talk show, exhibition. Some of them give you a new skill for the changing of the era. Google digital 4.0 workshop would be a suitable example here. This project provides digital skills for small business, help them sell more effective than. All of them is precious occasions for youth look after their career.

Unfortunately, A part of youngster seems unmindful with those activities. They spend most of the time for entertainment and forget their mission with society. Entertainment is good but young people should balance the time they invest to its. It is necessary to inspire them for a career. We need to upgrade the importance of activities to learn to process. Studying is not only happened in college, but it must also happen everywhere. Competitions could be an interesting activity for student try hard and develop their professional skills in an interesting way. Inert attitude can lead young people to be out of date. The world changes day by day. If young people missed any opportunities, they could be left far away from each other. The next solution the author would like to propose is open more workshop or a training class for helping youth ameliorate their career skill. This workshop could be held in university or by Youth Union which have an effective role to student. Thank these activities, the youth could gain qualified skill for application in their future work.

This is important for the youngster to determined vision.

With all chances as mention, young people even old people may be confused. Although a variety of opportunities is very necessary for this era, that can decrease the values of those chances. Youth could not be unripest when they get this chance. Cause they're so easy to reach many chances. The youngster could not understand all the meaning of those so it would waste not only their time but also the social source. Personal vision may be a key for youth to choose the right way to follow and take in time opportunities with match the most with their route. Moreover, cluelessness in orientation also can lead young people to social evil or crime.

How can we improve it? In my view, we absolutely can solve this problem. At first, we could pay attention to education. One Educator from Caltech, USA used said to me that: ” high school is the time for orientation, college is the time for professional training”. I agree with him that high school is really important to verify the vision cause this is the youngest generation. We are promoting high school student for the enormous competition, but we lack providing student orientation for their future especially the student in the countryside. A hundred thousand competitors every year but the majority of them just choose the university for being same with society. That is disappointed prospect happening in our community. There results in the insufficient motivation for the younger try their best and retake or redo in college. Therefore, I believed that we could invest more than in career orientation through. For example, inviting peoples in each field to introduce their job and share their experiences, or we could create a tour to visit the laboratory or factory to understand more about an industry. Secondly, I believe that we need a platform for sharing and grouping chances for youth could easily find activities correspond to their vision. We already had Ybox but that still be unofficial so many bad people could use it for bad things. Therefore, we should create a new platform or upgrade the available platform. This not only prevents the younger from danger but also built an active environment for the opportunities flow in. Last but not least, Youth also need to train themselves to learn more soft skills and evolve mindset. Soft skill and mindset reflect their attitude. The generation which outstanding in soft skill and open mindset is the needed future of our country. With soft skill and open mindset, the youth could become whatever they want in their route to the success.

As mentioned, stand on developing era, the youngster needs to find out their dream, their career and their vision. Those would be the torch guide youth to the fastest and most suitable to success.

Responsible with society is the key to success.

The human cannot exist without society. Hence, the demand of society has an essential role in the success of every people. During the growth up process, more and more job were eliminated. The same with people, In the 4th industrial revolution, If the young can not adjust in time, they will be reduced. That is why responsible to human life can give the chance for youth to understand the insufficience of society then develop themselves to become necessary for society.

The way to bond youth and society is extremely simple. Activity is the answer for this problem. Activity here, I would like to mean to career job and social activity. The career job is really important cause it strongly relates to people career, lack of communication in career lead people to old route or failure. The reason come from the trend and information of each career. Put themselves out of community lead them to the insufficient of news, so they could become out of date or lead them to clueless about changing in an era and become the failure. That is why scientist have to update research news from all around the world day by day.

The second is a social activity. Social activity is built on human demand. Thus, participating in a social activity is a graceful way to make inquiries about the need of society. That would lead the youngster to the innovative idea about the product or service to solve the social problem. For example, the star-up Save the Ocean is built on the social demand for protecting the environment. Another way, we could not deny the important role of relationships in the hunting success route. The social relationship could lead youth to some mentors who have the ability to give youth suggestion for their career. For instance, Science conferences attack scholar from all around the world come to Vietnam. During the program, the researcher not only expands their knowledge in their major but also meet and discuss to the famous scientist like Professor Nguyen Son Binh in CPM 2018 or Professor Nguyen Thuc Quyen in EMTS/EPTS 2018. There is also a perfect opportunity for the student looking for a scholarship or PhD program. That is an explanation why social activity could help youth in the way to success.

In gist, I would like to introduce two solutions to connect youth to society. In my point of view, youth could create meaning and innovative values if they understand the demand of humanity.


Facing the digital era, the youngster is the monitor for the country’s future. During my speech, I introduced some challenge the youth must handle in this century. Moreover, I proposed some solution which helps youth promote their career. There include: sensitive with life, clear with vision and responsible with society. There may be a little change but it could form a gigantic impact to future.


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