Entrepreneurship-education organization: A case study of Agropreneurship Community, Faculty of Animal Science, Gadjah Mada University

Azwar Alvian
Gadjah Mada University - Indonesia


Industry 4.0 is a age when machines become more and more competitive against man. In this age, human must be capable to create new ideas, work with other people, and also have a good attitude. University or school mostly teaches their students about technical skills, and lacking of non-technical skills. The role of organization is to provide these non-technical skills. Entrepreneurship organization can help students get these non-technical skills. This paper will describe about Agropreneurship Community Faculty of Animal Science Gadjah Mada University as a entrepreneurship-education organization. The author hope that through this paper will be more entrepreneurship organization established to help students be a better person.


Keywords: Industry 4.0, Non-technical skills, entrepreneurship organization


Industry 4.0 focuses on the establishment of intelligent products and production processes. In future manufacturing, factories have to cope with the need of rapid product development, flexible production as well as complex environments [1]. Industry 4.0 is a condition where everything on the workplace are interconnected and the machines themselves are expected to have an artificial intelligence which will make them capable of solving their own problem and find their own solution. In this kind of system, human’s work are less and less needed on the certain field. For example, the technical work will more executed by machines. Human’s work will shifted from technical work to concept-making work. This condition requires human that capable of creating new ideas, working with other people, and also have a good self-discipline and work ethic. Indonesians Central Statistical Agency states that 11,48% of the unemployment are graduated from universities with bachelor degree [2].

Students are the future workers who currently learning at the universities or schools. They are trained to be prepared to fill those job positions as well as building the nation’s future. Students must have a good technical skills as well as non-technical skills to compete with other students. Technical skills are trained when they are in the universities, while non-technical skills are, unfortunately, often forgotten from the curriculum. The non-technical skills are as important as technical skills when someone doing a job. Technical skills tell someone how they do it. Non-technical skills like public speaking, critical thinking, and work attitude are useful for someone to do their job well. Public speaking skill will help worker to communicate better with other employee and also to their bosses so they can gain better judgment from other people. Critical thinking skill is very important for someone who work closely to a problem-based work. Someone who can think critically will easily identify a problem and will look after a solution for the problem. This kind of thinking is a essential at today’s work because so many work is based on the problem that people faced. Work attitude is something that teachable and learnable. By teaching it as early as when the students are still at college, with a hope that by the time they enter the workplace they will already have good work attitude towards themselves and others.

Unfortunately, what we understand from the curriculum provided by universities or schools are mostly teaches about technical skills to the students. These skills are telling the students how to do something. For example, in the Faculty of Animal Science, universities taught their students to calculate the feed proportion for specific animal, or taught the method to process the animal product like milk, meat, egg, or by-products. These kinds of technical skills would be useful when they work on the industry, but they need some set of soft-skills or non-technical skills that will help them work better. The organizations of students are responsible for this task. The organizations must be able to help students develop their soft-skills. Through multiple activities provided by organization, students are expected to learn more rather than just studying inside the classroom. Group discussion, industry-visiting activities, people empowering, seminars, and other activities are made to help students nourish their understanding and motivate students to create something new and useful for society.

There are many type of organization in the universities that all of them have the purpose of helping students reach their potential. The examples are science club, entrepreneurship organization, sports club, art, scout, mountaineering club, and a lot other organization. Science club usually focusing itself on discussing the recent issues related to their field of study. Entrepreneurship organization focusing on talking about how to be a good entrepreneur and also how to have that entrepreneurship mentality in every self of its member. Sports and arts club mostly focusing on how to train to be a better performer on the field or on the stage. Scout teaches discipline, order, and survival ability to their member. Mountaineering club focusing themselves on how to embrace the nature beauty and to preserve it.

Entrepreneurship-education organization becoming more and more important for students with this coming trend of Industry 4.0. Everyone in this age are demanded to have a good skills to cope with the competition between man and machine. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t always mean you are a business man. It’s more to a mindset, a entrepreneur mindset. To help develop that mindset, entrepreneurship activities like problem solving, creating a new and innovative product or service, and deliver it to the consumers are the core learning at entrepreneurship organization. The other activities like meeting a successful person and sharing their experience and motivation will also help students to be hungrier and hungrier for knowledge. Entrepreneurship organization isn’t filled with successful person, but by those who want to learn and who want to be successful in the future.

This paper is describing about one of the entrepreneurship-education organizations in Gadjah Mada University, Agropreneurship Community Faculty of Animal Science. The writer hopes that through this paper, the awareness of the importance of the entrepreneurship organization will be bigger and can be realized in many universities or schools in ASEAN. The writer believes  that by having a entrepreneurship mindset and skills, through entrepreneurship organization, a students can challenge better in the future as we all facing the highly-anticipated Industry 4.0 era.



Agropreneurship Community Faculty of Animal Science Gadjah Mada University (later shortened to APC) is one of many organizations at Gadjah Mada University. APC itself is focusing in entrepreneurship education for students. APC has vision and mission to develop entrepreneurship mentality and mindset through diverse activities and discussions. APC has been established since 2012, and now have around 50 members each batch of students. APC mainly works in the Faculty of Animal Science, but also welcomes participant from other faculty or university in each of their activities. APC always put learning-orientation and familyhood as a philosophy in every activities they conducted.

APC shares the spirit of entrepreneurship through their activities. These activities are created to explore the student’s potential and also teach them by doing the practical exercises of entrepreneurship activities. Activities conducted by APC are like Hearing Student Business, Entrepreneurship Bond, Self-service tenants, APC On Public, and Industry Visit.

  1. Hearing Student Business

Hearing Student Business (HSB) is a seminar that gives the participant an insight about entrepreneurship world from the real entrepreneur point of view. Participant will listen to the presentation of the entrepreneur or businessman and then can discuss about it in the question and answer session. This activity is purposed to motivate students to be brave to work on their ideas and make it happen.

  1. Entrepreneurship Bond

Entrepreneurship Bond (E-bond) is a activity that gives students chance to execute their ideas in a group. APC will give each group a small  funding for the capital to get their mini business starting. The group must think about what product/service they sell, how to sell it, and also make a simple financial report in the end. This activity helps students to analyze the target, communicate to consumers, and to be discipline with their responsibility.

  1. Self-service tenants

Self-service tenants are available for students who would like to try to sell their product without having to waiting for it 24 hours. The sellers just put their products on a tenant and let the consumers take it and pay it themselves. This activity is designed to teach students to learn how to see opportunity, create an good selling system, and manage their money carefully.

  1. APC On Public

APC On Public is a activity where the students are try to sell their product to bigger crowd. This activity usually conducted in music concert or festival which involving a big number of crowd. The purpose of this activity is to grow students’s bravery to meet people, creativity to offer their products, and also how to handle pressure when the consumers always demand the best product.

  1. Industry Visit

Industry visit usually conducted once in one semester. Industry visit has been always conducted to a medium to big size enterprise. This activity attracts the biggest participant from APC member or non-APC member. This visit is purposed to inspire students to create their own business and be a clever entrepreneur in the future.

Aside from the organization activities, the university also has a program to help nourishing entrepreneurship skills and spirit for the students. This program is called Student Entrepreneurship Program (Program Mahasiswa Wirausaha, in Bahasa Indonesia). This program is designed for those students who have ideas to execute but still need a guidance and also support financially. This program will help students to make their ideas happen by giving funding to the projects as well as giving them guidance from the professionals. It’s a very good program to follow up what APC has did in the faculty level. This program hopefully can really create a entrepreneur who can solve problem and help people around them.

Some set of skills are very important for students in facing the Industry 4.0. Those skills are essential for them to not only surviving the Industry 4.0 but also to be excellent in working with ever-progressing technology and ever-developing human thinking. By joining activities in organization like APC or other entrepreneurship-education organization, students are expected to be able to take advantages of the Industry 4.0 and not just become a spectator to what happening but also they can make it happen themselves. Through the activities conducted while in the organization, students should be able to have a critical and analysis thinking, good interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and also should be capable to execute a ideas as good as creating it. Person with a entrepreneurship characteristic should have a good work ethic, have a need to be successful, brave on taking the calculated risk, have a leadership attitude, creative, innovative, and have a visionary vision ahead[3].

The writer hopes that by sharing about one of the entrepreneurship organizations at Gadjah Mada University we can understand the importance of creating a entrepreneurship mindset to the students. This mindset and skills will surely help students to cope with the Industry 4.0 age where everything is so related and we have to work with other person and help other. Hopefully there will be more APC-like organization at different places, and hopefully more future entrepreneur will made through this kind of organization.



Industry 4.0 demands a very competitive person who can thrive under different challenge. Person with low technical skills will be pushed aside by the machine. In Industry 4.0 era people are demanded to be capable of technical skills as well as non-technical skills. University or school mostly teach its students technical skills and often put non-technical skills behind. The role of organization is to provide these non-technical skills to the students. Entrepreneurship education can help students to have a better non-technical skills or soft-skills through its activities. Agropreneurship Community Faculty of Animal Science Gadjah Mada University as a entrepreneurship-education organization through its activity teach its member to have a good analyzing and thinking skill, have a good work attitude, and also have a good communication skills. Hopefully there will be more APC-like organization which will help students to learn better in this Industry 4.0 era. It has to be remembered that developing the country is a responsibility for every citizen with no exception.



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