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The expeditious development of science technology throughout the globe and the innovation of building Vietnam in Industry 4.0 era have become the great challenges for many people, especially Vietnamese young generation. To self-improve, upgrade, and develop in jobs, we must learn and cultivate many essential skills in working and studying. In this paper, I will point out some opinions about necessary skills to advance young generation in their future career.


According to researches, most of companies agreed that soft skills play significant roles as specialized skills [1]. This proves that to work excellently, a worker must combined professional skills and soft skill flexibly. From the opinion above, I would like to deliver four groups of skills to help readers and listeners understand and apply in occupation.

  1. Group skills about professional task

To improve or upgrade in work, you must understand well about specialized skills. Specialized skills or known as hard skills are educational background, year of experiences, and the scale of proficient in works. To achieve professional skills, you must go through three main stages


Study to have background knowledge, to make knowledge become working skills. The process of working helps workers to build and collect their own experiences. Many different jobs need many different skills in the technology era; workers have to build for themselves a strong basic knowledge to approach certified knowledge.

The human interaction is a major factor. Rendering to a research published on Journal of education for business, showed that managers pay more attention to communication and analysis skills [1].


Comminication skills

Rounded Rectangle: Comminication skills


Communication skills reflects on your spoken and written languages, but most of all is your body language. This is important, because you must transfer information to listeners effectively. The American Psychological Association found out managers, leaders, and chiefs like to have friendly candidates more than show off ones in their teams.

2. Groups of thinking skills

Professor Edward de Bono defines “thinking is the skills of brain operation through which intelligence is nourished and developed” [3]. Thinking develops optimistic thoughts and helps to control problems implicitly. This paper divided thinking skills into three main contents, they are:

      The purposes of making plans are find out the appropriate strategies, give the overviews about works and predict possible risks. People should make their own plans during the day, in the month and in the year. American president Benjamin Franklin asked and answered himself every morning “what is today plan? Is the plan important to do it today?” [3]. Logical thinking facilitates the accomplishment of tasks because it helps to connect matters in a logic way. Thinking skills help control oneself, limit conflicts in relationships, and get rid of unprofessional habits.

Thinking skills form the creative idea, is the favorable conditions to create products to improve the professional development. Thought leads the trend to help us catch up the trend of time in accordance with the needs of themselves and society.

3. Group of action skills

According to a small research of mine through SNS (Social Network Services) the participants were students at University of transport and communication campus in Ho Chi Minh city. The result pointed out logical thinking helps students in studying and working effectively more than 96%. This aids actions more accurate and effective. People who work by their feeling only took 4 percent of successful in jobs.

Only when you choose to act fast and effectively, you can stand up for yourself in the fierce competition. Action is the most important factor for all success. Because even if you have good thinking, solid professional knowledge, but do not work, you will not achieve what you expect.

In the action skills group, I divided into four main elements:

  • Focus on the strengths, understand the pros – cons, act right the core value
  • Self – study, not afaid to do small things, volunteering to do hard working, risk taking, learning from criticism
  • Applying technology
  • Flexible, adaptable to the environment, handle good under pressure

Everybody needs to understand the strengths and habits of starting from the smallest things, researching and seeking opportunity in the jobs. Whether you are success or failure, you also accumulated a lot of useful skills. Emerson, who studied at Harvard, said, "The whole world will give way to someone who is aiming for his goal to move forward and act” [3].

It is important that Vietnam is entering the 4.0 industrial revolution and smart urbanization. Applying the science of technology, especially information technology, computer science is the must when taking actions. For the young generation such as students, we take advantages of the Internet to study. Learning the software applications to put on reality, in order to handle problems rapidly and effectively. Classroom environment differs from work place, so it is necessary to equip the most skills to adapt and make changes. Modern work environment is extremely complicated if you do not change, you cannot collaborate in the long distance. An example of traditional transport and technology transport such as Uber, Grab, etc…, the traditional transportation industry will be eliminated without timely change and application of technology.

Everybody always has to improve their skills and thinking to overcome the pressure of work. At some point, the career will create many difficulties, but with the will and discipline of ourselves, we will overcome.

4. Group of management skills

According to Robert L. Katz, a manager needs three key skills: technical skills, human skills, cognitive skills or thinking [2]. To achieve such a level depends on each person and each level of governance. Therefore, not everyone can make a difference. A person with good management skills must be able to connect, has good vision, make a difference and accept to be defeated. In my opinion, three factors that make up management skills: financial management, time management and leadership.


All professions are financially involved, from the richest people in the world to the poor ones, have their own way of managing their finances. Only if you manage your personal finances you can manage the finances of an organization, a company, or a business. Calculating carefully and choose for spending, create your own personal savings formula to balance your needs in life.

Harvard University has the motto "Time cannot wait for you, only people appreciate time to take the initiative in everything"[3]. Based on the research of Hoang Thi Phuong, lecturer at Hanoi Pedagogical University showed that time management was essential; however, there were 52% used online environment to play games, 46% students liked to sleep in. 29% of participants joined in social activities and 22% students spent time to study documents [4]. Nowadays young people are lacking in time management skills and spending too much time satisfying their individual needs. Each person has a certain amount of work hours so that, in order to increase their productivity they need to create their own clocks. Make specific plans for each task and flexibly implement it. Managing time well means that you manage your life well.

In fact, managers who have great ways to manage and control become richer than ones who lack of experiences in leadership. Young people can learn this skills when they still students in school by join in some clubs, Communist Youth Union- Students’ Association.


Each manager has different personalities, qualities and abilities. To become an excellent leader, you have to cultivate all the necessary skills. Vision and ambition, always listen to know how to help and motivate to develop together. It is important to have a high sense of responsibility, exemplary, honest and to the best of your ability.


To catch up with the new era of modern and intelligent, to take new opportunities, and develop in jobs or career, you must perfect not only professional skills, but also soft skills. To be hard-working and enthusiastic in order to improve every day. Think and act fast, applying science and technology advances to work because science and technology are the guide for the development of every revolution.

Regarding to the implication and significance of jobs development, in this paper, my opinions about groups skills, including in professional skills, thinking skills, action skills, management skills. These skills help you upgrade and improve in future career. The country is entering a period of intense innovation with the industrial revolution of 4.0 and building smart cities. So be sure to cultivate your skills in order to face with the waves of new technology confidently.



[2]  Nha quan tri – wikipedia

[3] Harvard’s 4:30 A.M


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