Education 4.0: "Self-study with Interactive Tutorial" - Learning Arduino Microcontroller with Augmented Reality

Hoang Trung Hieu
University of Science - VNUHCM - Vietnam

Nowadays, with a computer connected to the Internet, you can learn almost everything from everyone around the worlds. Blended – classroom, massive open online courses (MOOC) give opportunities for everyone to enroll and learn from the top experts all over the world. To increase the interactiveness of these platforms, integrating Augmented Reality (AR) technology can give a huge benefit to learners. In details, this technology has a potential application capability when smartphones are more and more popular. AR gives us the ability to create an environment than you can experience virtual objects appeared together in your real world. In engineering courses, interacting with 3D models with AR application can give learners have a better sense of what they are studying. By understanding the inside structure of objects, working with scientific experiments without having the real laboratory instruments, AR technology makes learning more interesting and attracting to learners. In this paper, I also introduced my mobile application that can help learners to learn how to work with Arduino Microcontroller and electronic sensors. With a smartphone and a printed working tutorial, learners can experience step by step instructions of working with electronics components.  Though this simple application, I would like to convey my strong belief in the future of Education in 4.0 industrial revolution where new achievements in the field of Human-Computer interaction come together with online education framework, promote an ideal self-study environment for everyone.

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