Opportunities, challenges and essential skills for students in the development of Artificial Intelligence

Ha Le
Hanoi Law University - Vietnam

The Industry 4.0 is now affecting most of countries in the world and Vietnam is not an exception. In addition, we recently have heard about the term “Artificial Intellectual” (hereinafter referred to as “AI”) for several times through many means of public media. It is clear that AI is one of the most significant problems to take into account when we are at the initial stage of the 4th industrial revolution. Out of the main effect on the Vietnam’s economy, the effect that the Industry 4.0 and AI bring to the national human resources is also worthy considerable. The paper will focus on analyzing the development of science and technology in the Industry 4.0; opportunities and challenges for students in the development of AI in specific; and essential skills for students to adapt to the developed science and technology. This analysis would be an important advice for students to consider starting their career developments.

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