“BrightFarm” Andriod Application for Farmer’s Problem Solution in Indonesia

Aqni Indira Nur
Universitas Gadjah Mada - Indonesia

“BrightFarm” Andriod Application for Farmer’s Problem Solution in Indonesia Indira Nur Aqni and Yola Yusticia Faculty of Animal Science And Industry Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia Indira.nur.a@mail.ugm.ac.id Abstract. Indonesia is the largest archipelagic state in the world. According to data from Indonesia's statistical agency centre, it consists of 17,508 islands with the land area of 1,922,570 km². This situation causes Indonesia as one of the largest agricultural countries in the world. The majority of livelihoods in Indonesia is farming. Unfortunately, the harvest is not enough for consumer’s needs due to low productivity. This is due to the limitations of science and technology of farmers. In this industrial era 4.0, humans no longer compete with other humans, but also compete with machines that work quickly, smartly, and unlimited. One of the best way to solve this problem, there need to be an educational trend that can open farmer’s mind to use technology. This study aims to create a BrightFarm android application that connecting farmers and academics. It is expected that with this application, farmers can solve their problems and exchange information to be more innovative. BrightFarm contains discussion forums, markets for buying and selling of agricultural products, and research articles. The methods are used in this study divided into two steps, BrightFarm android application making and advertise of this application. The results of this study indicate that this application can be used by farmers because convenience of internet access in Indonesia. In conclusion, BrightFarm can become an alternative solution to solve farmer’s problems and become a trend education for farmers. Keyword: BrightFarm Android Application, Thecnology, Education, Farmer’s problem solution.

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