Aulia Yekti Febriyani
Gadjah Mada University - Indonesia

Human resources play an important role in a business organization. Every business organization needs qualified and competent human resources to drive the main operational of the company. Companies must be able to choose human resources that can play an active and effective role. Human resource management is needed to improve the effectiveness of human resources in the organization. The aim is to provide an effective work unit organization. To achieve this goal, the study of personnel management will show how companies should obtain, develop, use, evaluate, and maintain employees in the right quantity (quantity) and type (quality). Human resources are very vital organizational assets, therefore their roles and functions cannot be replaced by other resources. This will make human resource management as an important indicator of effective and efficient achievement of organizational goals. The factors that influence organizational effectiveness are (1) the existence of clear objectives, (2) organizational structure. (3) The existence of community support or participation, (4) The existence of a system of values ​​adopted. The organization will run directed if it has a clear goal.

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