Soft skills of Vietnam students’ scientific research in Industry 4.0

Lê Linh Chi
University of Science and Technology of Hanoi - Vietnam

Technology integration in the fourth industrial revolution is opportunity and challenge for Vietnam researchers. They must have knowledgeable in their major, establish multi-sectoral/cross-sectoral groups, expand international relationship or adapt to changes in technology. Moreover, they need to get technology market information and share their technology products to the community in the applications of demand and supply.

The article mentions three sections by collection of scientific information from domestic and foreign resources and in-depth interviews with a number of scientist:

- Status quo of soft skills of Vietnam students’ scientific research.

- Important soft skills for Vietnam students’ scientific research in Industry 4.0

- Some methods to soft skills development for Vietnam students’ scientific research.

This article analyses soft skills in careers, even the skills are not suitable to scientific research by reason of specific environment. Hence, the article for Vietnam students clearly understand the importance of soft skills and develop early the skills and then it could become their advantages in scientific research and job finding after finishing formation.

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