Agriculture in Industry 4.0 The Oil Palm - Beef Cattle Integration to Increasing Availibility of Food

Ramadhani Dina Kurnia
Gadjah Mada University - Indonesia

Agriculture is the most important activity to tackle the world’s poor and hunger. The increase of world population now caused an increase in demand for food which has not been balanced with the availability of food. This problem occurred because the farmer is now facing very limited land resources. This may cause shortage of cattle feed, especially during dry season. The integration of cow calf operation and oil palm plantation is a mutualism symbiosis system. Oil palm by products, mainly leaf and fronds of oil palm can be a resouces of feed for cows and the feces and urine from cows can be a fertilizer for palm plantation. Development of beef cattle based on oil palm industry increased efficiency and productivity of cow calf operation as well as oil palm plantation.

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