Intelligence as a brige to cross the river


As a youth generations we are always has a wild ideas. Lot of ideas came from the globalism, community and study in the classroom. Politics issue, economic issue and social always be sources were the ideas come in. Every single times, trends and regulations about rules in the world alaways change. The challanges grew up folowing humans needed. To answer the challanges as a next generations required to be smart people. Intelligence is a bridge that could help to cross the river as a challange. Example in case on  2010 such as the China - ASEAN Trade Agreement (China – ASEAN Free Trade Area, CAFTA) with this agreement, the goods are between China and ASEAN will be free to enter each other with tax exemptions up to zero percent. Is right or wrong?how we can answer this?

Intelligence always has a control to choose how to answer the challange. For example artificial intelligence is a kind was born from smart poeple and can help industry to start with 4.0 industry. Intelligence not only came from school. As a social people discusion with other people and update with information by social media in the other ways to get intelligence that we need. Community group is important to build for increased skills and links. Intelligence is most important for youth generation to cross the river.

Keyword : intelligence, communit, improving skills

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