The important of soft skills for yound people

Ta Linh

          To achieve a successful life and career, you must have professional skills and soft skills together. The fact shows that professional knowledge only contributes 25% to a business’s success, and 75% of the rest are determined by the equipment of their soft skills. Soft skills, according to the Oxford online dictionary, are "personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.". It includes a variety of skills such as creativity, time management, communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving, emotion and intelligence, adaptability, learning from criticism and working under pressure. In modern society, soft skills are highly appreciated. So, why are soft skills very important? Firstly, it has a big role in our job. It is the key to making every communication and collaboration more effective which contribute greatly to the success of a business. For this reason, the employer really appreciates competent soft skills and this is an important recruiting requirement. People who have soft skills are never going to become obsolete through disruptive technologies. Secondly, soft skills are significant advantage in our life. It is equally important when you interact with colleagues or people around you. A healthy life and productive work environment depends on soft skills. Life is the way you interact with people, is where relationships must be built and fostered, perspectives must be exchanged, and occasionally conflicts must be resolved. Last but not the least, soft skills can help you gain confidence - an invaluable trait in life. As the result, you will have more chance to experience, to explore yourself and get more achievement. Nowadays, soft skills are taught more in the extracurricular activities of students at high school and it is more popular at university. It shows that many people realize the importance of soft skills. On the other hand, there are much young people unaware of this. With the development in technology, so much young people are left interacting with screens all day long and the end result is their soft skills are deteriorating rapidly. If you ask me how you can improve your soft skills, I will say that “If you do not help yourself, no one can do that”. The first step in personal development is that you should recognize the areas in which you need to improve. After you’ve gained an awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, create a plan for yourself. After all, the majority of soft skills are fostered by confidence and enthusiasm, and undermined by anxiety, insecurity, and negativity. Changing your mind so you are able to see the positive in situations can have a significant impact on how you interact with others. You should always explore yourself in reality and life to gain more insights. This will be an important factor which help you to have an invitation from potential employers. Modern life and work environment are becoming more and more dynamic, more pressure and competitive so soft skills are indispensable elements to win a successful career and life, especially for young people.




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