Minh Nguyễn Đức
Academy Of Finance - Vietnam

The research paper shows the role of co-working spaces in support of Start-up student.

Ecosystems for innovative start-up are being strongly developed in Vietnam, with the help and backing of the government, state agencies, investors and organizaitons. Co-working Space is one of the few organizations which played a significant part in the current start-up community. Thanks to its unique characteristics, Co-working Space not only provided a dynamic, creative working environment, but also helped customers with specialized knowledge, market information, start-up knowledge, networking…  

Start-up Student is a very important sector in the innovative start-up ecosystem, with leaping growth in both quantity and quality.  However, they are still faces with many limitations such as inadequate soft skills, low capacity, insufficient knowledge about the market, legal system, lack of experience...

Overall, it can be seen that Co-working Space is the most complete and effective model in order to support Start-up Student.

Keywords: Coworking Space (CWS), Human Resources, Inovative Startup, Industrial Revolution 4.0, Startup Student.

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