Quynh Tran
Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam


In the last 250 years, society has experienced four Industrial Revolutions, which have entirely changed the face of industry as we know it. We believe that the changes in industry should and must have a direct impact on the way we build the education system for today’s students.

5 I’s of Learning in Education 4.0

A learning framework is presented below which is aligned to changed habit of Gen ‘Z’ and need for an innovation producing education.

  1. IMBIBING : Internalizing basic concepts
  2. ITERATING: Practicing fundamental skills rigorously
  3. INTERPRETING : Taking facts from study and applying them to different situations with adaptive alterations
  4. INTEREST: Developing enough curiosity about a subject so as to delve deep and create further body of knowledge
  5. INNOVATING: Think differently and come up with original concepts and build innovative ideas, products and services

If your goal is to create students who can become valuable members of the workforce and independent problem solvers, educational paradigms need to be rebuilt alongside each new revolution in society.

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