The relationship between S (Skills) and S (Success)

Tâm Bùi
Hochiminh University of Technology - Việt Nam

When we were kids, every one of us used to think of becoming something or getting a specific job in the future, having a dream of becoming a doctor to heal people, save the world, being pilot to soar through the sky etc… However, when we grow up, we realized that making our dreams come true or getting these jobs will be not easy without knowing what we are good at, what we understand ourselves and what we need to improve ourselves in. When we are going to graduate from universities, career development is such an important aspect of our working life as well as personal life. Because no one of us wants to wish to stay in the same job, the same position forever, without developing or having the career development plan we will not be able to improve ourselves and get promoted. And then, to develop the career, what should we do? We need to assess where we are standing, find a way to polish the areas we are not doing so wells by essential skills such as communication skills, flexibility, interpersonal ability, etc..

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