Vice president of University of Information Technology

Hon Sen
University of Information Technology - Ho Chi Minh City

Developing professionals skills has been concerned by most people, especially students who are studying in colleges or universities.

It is nesscesary to have some organzitions which provide environment for them to experience.

Two most important organizations which are closed and helpful for students: School Leadership Committee and Communist Youth Union – Students Associations

The role of School Leadershop Committee:
- Navigate: which program will suit to an individual
- Provide infrastructure: help students in improving knowledge
- Guide and suggest participating in Academic Contest
- A bridge which link with teachers and bussiness: opportunity to experience difference jobs, keen on learning, developing skills
=> This organization gives a helping hand to developing students's techinal skills

The role of Communist Youth Union - Students Asociations:
- Communication
- Public Speaking
- Teamwork
- Time Management
- Leadership
- Flexibility
=> This organization helps to improve soft skills - which are absolutely improtant to students.

To sum up, we need both knowledge and soft skills to perfect ourselves.

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