The growing presence of everyday medical practitioners, like apothecaries và druggists, made magic obsolete.

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Dưới đó là đều mẫu mã câu bao gồm đựng trường đoản cú "apothecary", vào cỗ tự điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể tham khảo phần đông mẫu mã câu này để đặt câu vào tình huống nên đặt câu cùng với tự apothecary, hoặc tham khảo ngữ chình ảnh áp dụng trường đoản cú apothecary trong cỗ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. What, ho! apothecary!

2. He was an apothecary.

3. APOTHECARY Who calls so loud?

4. Every healer, every apothecary.

5. Edison"s Apothecary & Boutique.

6. Apothecary Griông chồng at the Apothecary Camp wants you khổng lồ bring hyên ổn 12 Deranged Explorer Brains.

7. Apothecary Who calls so loud?

8. Just lượt thích the apothecary tables of yore.

9. I am an apothecary of that hospital.

10. APOTHECARY My poverty, but not my will consents.

11. Apothecary Society Messenger says: For the Banshee Queen!

12. Apothecary My poverty, but not my will, consents.

13. Does anyone even know what an apothecary is?

14. Peter is a famous apothecary of this town.

15. I must to lớn the apothecary, Before I am overdue.

16. Yellow apothecary: Like, it is khổng lồ lượt thích too simply!

17. APOTHECARY Put this in any liquid thing you will,

18. You can consult apothecary, they can tell you accurate result.

19. The apothecary cooked the medicinal mixture in a big iron kettle.

đôi mươi. Apothecary: The availability of medicines makes the isle more orderly.

21. A unit of apothecary weight, equal khổng lồ 480 grains ( 10 grams ).

22. H is an Herb Shop, a native sầu apothecary or Chinese druggist.

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23. The apothecary came in his pony & trap just before Pa got home page.

24. He placed special orders at the Apothecary Shoppe: echinacea, goldenseal, chamomile teas.

25. Oh, he would be a doctor, an apothecary, but he was also a poisoner.

26. He was the usual cut và dry apothecary, of no particular age and color.

27. At 14 he was apprenticed to lớn his father, the issf.vnllage apothecary at Anthony St Jacob"s.

28. The Apothecary in Diagon Alley is where many witches and wizards buy their potion - making supplies.

29. Here a chemist and apothecary named Michel de Nostradame publishes an almanac titled The Prophecies.

30. In 1828 he began five years as an apprentice apothecary with the Apothecaries" Company of London.

31. Nostradamus — or Michel de Notredame, as he was known — began his career as an apothecary and plague doctor.

32. It"s just this little gift cửa hàng in a strip mall, but if it"s really an apothecary, they had drugs.

33. The first Gigantopithecus remains described by an anthropologist were found in 1935 by Ralph von Koenigswald in an apothecary cửa hàng.

34. Had Juliet so seen her love sầu tokens dishonoured the sooner would she have sầu sought the lethean herbs of the good apothecary.

35. The apothecary took my money, wrapped up a bottle in blue paper và handed it over, hardly looking at me.

36. In 1529, after some years as an apothecary, he entered the University of Montpellier lớn study for a doctorate in medicine.

37. 15) Ai Sidi "s uncle is an apothecary, ferial lượt thích to lớn be in the lab modulation all sorts of chemical preparation.

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38. In 1903 Julius Neubronner, an apothecary in the German town of Kronberg near Frankfurt, resumed a practice begun by his father half a century earlier và received prescriptions from a sanatorium in nearby Falkenstein issf.vna pigeon post.