I am newbei at this game just started to lớn play 3 days ago(I am 50 lvl atm). Actually I need large information about sf not only skill rotation. which specs should i need to play spec talents etc. which skills should i need to macro it & if any usefull tiện ích mở rộng for sf can u nội dung with me

Is it hard to lớn get wingrise soul badge? và how should i cài đặt simple mode? i mean which keybinds i need khổng lồ use on that( and dont forget yên new player here :D)

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Is it hard khổng lồ get wingrise soul badge? và how should i thiết lập simple mode? i mean which keybinds i need to use on that( và dont forget im new player here :D)

Its not hard but for a new player kind of expensive sầu.Quý Khách đang xem: Soul fighter comprehensive sầu guide in blade và soul


1. You need khổng lồ finish story

2. you need lớn vày Tower of infninty daily

3. You need khổng lồ save up for Divine Grace stones

4. You need to save up for the second badge you need lớn fuse with the pink one. Its the violette i believe sầu. (get the pink và see what you can fuse it with there is only one option.)

5. Now you should be ready to fuse them booth together and you have Wingrise. But thats probably around 1K Gold atleast which can be a pain for completly new players.

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I recommkết thúc since no one will care about your DPS in early. Just play the game till you have sầu somewhat okish gear so you can run third raid (Nightfall century). When youve sầu reached this threshhold its gonmãng cầu be fast getting wingrise since you will have sầu ways khổng lồ get Divine Grace stones for không tính tiền.

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Okey thanks so much thats very helpfull for me. When i reach 1.5k ap can u help me about rotation to :D?

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Okey thanks so much thats very helpfull for me. When i reach 1.5k ap can u help me about rotation lớn :D?

Like i wrote multiple times in other threads already: add #8747EinFeuchterTraum in Discord for any kind of BNS related questions.


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To add onkhổng lồ ImoutoMaster"s information và to lớn assist a little with some further information:


1) Right now, if you can earn up about 500 gold, there"s an event currently that will let you buy cheap Divine Grace Stones. You"re only limited khổng lồ 5 per trương mục, which is enough khổng lồ fuse a badge. They cost 100 gold each (which is very cheap all things considered) and you can buy them from a merchant in Mushin"s Tower (they are a Lyn name is Junsorei và they normally sell items for Koldrak Scales). In the second tab of things they sell, the first thing should be the 5 stones. So, if you have sầu 500 gold, this would be a very good investment as soon as possible, since they will not be available after April 22nd. I should also point out that this NPC sells Riftdawn weapon chests for Naryu Silver. If you have sầu not upgraded your weapon at all from story (meaning it"s Riftwalk or Dawnforged stage 3) và you didn"t get a lot of gem slots on it, going to see this NPC and attempting to buy more copies of that weapon until you get one with 7 or even 8 gem slots might not be a bad investment either (as Legendary Gem Hammers might cost you down the road... or you can just get one fully-slotted for some Naryu Silver)


2) ImoutoMaster has pointed out the badge for the frost path (2nd spec) Soul Fighter... just so you know. Honestly, I prefer it too, but that"s your Gọi. Both are fine. If you are doing the frost path, Simple Mode is actually pretty effective sầu just like IM said. Simple Mode is essentially a pre-made macro the game put in. For most classes, you don"t need lớn disable any skills to use it effectively và for SF, it does what you need. All you need lớn vì chưng is cliông xã on the button that says "SIMPLE" above the inhỏ for your Right Mouse Button (RMB) lớn turn it on. You can turn it off by clicking it as well. Simple Mode cannot be used in the Hongmoon Training Room, so be warned.

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3) Your basic rotation is pretty straightforward (made moreso with Simple Mode). When a fight begins, get in cthua (2 is an approach skill), then press Z, F & hold RMB. Simple Mode will take care of the combo for you, but essentially, you"ll see that you"ll bởi vì a special flurry of attacks & every time you gain 5 stacks of đưa ra (the xanh circles), V lights up and activates automatically. Additionally, you"ll see anima stacks appear (yellow symbols appearing in a circle just to the right of the blue ones). Upon hitting 5 stacks of anima, you can press the left mouse button (LMB) to lớn release it. While anima does increase defence, releasing it will lower Z"s cooldown... và that flurry mode (& V skills) is a big part of your damage output.


Now, when your Z is on cooldown, one of your best options to get a quiông chồng stachồng of chi/anima is khổng lồ tab inkhổng lồ your ranged stance. While it"s generally weaker, it does have sầu a nice little mix of skills to use. Ayên at a target và press V to lớn do a beam of energy. You"ll see that you"ll get a bunch of bỏ ra stacks và at 5 stacks, F lights up. Press & hold F until it runs out, then swap bachồng khổng lồ melee stance with Tab and you can use V (or just hold RMB thanks khổng lồ Simple Mode) to do another Frost Storm. Once you use this skill, it will go onlớn cooldown for a while. You"ll be able to see on your screen when that cooldown runs out (you"ll see a timer with that skills" icon). If it"s on cooldown, you"ll rarely want to be in ranged stance unless you"re looking to vì certain other skills.


When your Z (melee stance) and V (ranged stance) are both on cooldown và there"s nothing else you can bởi vì, just stay in melee stance and RMB. It"s a basic combo, but it will slowly build up bỏ ra. X can also give sầu 1 staông chồng of chi too but it"s rare you"ll need it. All you"re waiting for is times where your Z comes bachồng up or when your V (ranged stance) comes up.

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That"s pretty much the basics right there... well... maybe a bit more intermediate... but still. It SOUNDS more complicated than it ultimately is... and with a little practice, you"ll be able khổng lồ vì it easily. Eventually, you"ll need lớn worry about certain equipment giving you special buffs when using certain skills, but that"s a LITTLE more advanced và you don"t need lớn worry about it right away.