Black Ops Cold War': “Unique” Vietnam War Mission Unveiled


The new Vietnam War mission has been unveiled via the official Call of Duty Blog, and it looks thrilling!



The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Vietnam War is made up of three missions, exploring different aspects of the game"s gameplay, from thrilling gun-fights to stealth operations.

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Nowhere Left To Run

"Nowhere Left to Run" is the first of the three missions, which introduces players to a new protagonist, Russell Adler, along with returning favourites Mason and Woods.

With “multiple fast-paced shootouts” and rooftop engagements, this mission is said to end with a shocking revelation.

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Senior Creative Director Dan Vondrak explained on the Call of Duty Blog: “As the mission comes to an end, the story kicks off in dramatic fashion as a ghost from the past is revealed to still be alive and planning something that could shift the balance of power in the Cold War.”

Fracture Jaw

The "Fracture Jaw" Mission takes place during the Vietnam War, and serves as a flashback of sorts.

The mission will also give players the tools they need to uncover the clues they need to track down Perseus, adding a layer to the game’s overarching theme.

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“It’s easily the most unique mission we’ve ever made,” said Vondrak of the mission.

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Desperate Measures

The final mission revealed ahead of the game’s launch was “Desperate Measures”.

The mission could be one of Call of Duty"s most thrilling of all time, as players are given a variety of ways to approach the handling of the mission.

Vondrak stated that a single "odd move or awkward discussion could lead to cover being completely blown, compromising the mission and turning it into an all-out fight for survival”.

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