Call Of Duty®: Warzone

If you"re still waiting lớn see how khổng lồ get a Warzone tải về on PS5 or Xbox Series X there"s no news yet. While Activsion is working on a next gene port of the game, currently you"ll have sầu to tải về the PS4 or Xbox One version of Warzone. You"ll enjoy better performance but otherwise there"s no big changes. Yet.

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At least there"s good news in that you still don"t need PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold khổng lồ get a Warzone tải về. It"s completely free-to-play on both consoles and PC through, you just have sầu to make sure you have enough storage because the download kích cỡ for Hotline of Duty Warzone is a hefty one, despite new managment options lớn control & delete various components khổng lồ saves space. If you"re wondering how khổng lồ get stuông xã in, read on for everything you need lớn know on how khổng lồ download Warzone.

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For anybody toàn thân who already owns Modern Warfare, the first step is to lớn make sure you have sầu the full game downloaded. When you vị, enter the main thực đơn và Warzone will be an option, between multiplayer and Spec Ops.

If you don"t own Modern Warfare, head to your respective store on consoles (PSN Store or Microsoft Store) & search for "Warzone". If you"re on PC, make sure you have sầu installed và it should pop up as an option on the left-hand side in the danh mục of games. Unfortunately for you, the tệp tin kích thước will be 83-101GB because it includes a lot of Modern Warfare assets. Of course, that"s quite a chunky download so make sure you"re starting it as soon as you can, because it could take up to several hours depending on your service provider and bandwidth.

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That"s all there is to it! Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty Warzone is entirely crossplay, so you can jump in with your pals no matter what system they"re playing on. You can also find out more information in the official Activision blog post about Warzone.

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