Chơi game sex and the city

Carrie meets another "wrong" guy in her shrink"s waiting room, Samantha dates a sports addict, Charlotte joins a bridge club in order khổng lồ meet a nice guy, và Miranda plays "peep show" with a man in the building across from her.

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1.Take Me Out lớn the Ballgame

The Season Two premiere finds Carrie dating a 'new Yankee' after her break-up with Big.


2.The Awful Truth

Carrie invites Big to her birthday party, while Samantha must tell her boyfriend about his shortcomings.


3.The Freak Show

Carrie goes into freak mode, while Samantha dates a man who likes khổng lồ be slapped around.


4.They Shoot Single People, Don't They?

Carrie thinks she likes being single. Meanwhile, Samantha gets 'taken in' by a club-owning jerk.


5.Four Women và a Funeral

Charlotte falls for a widowed man she meets at a funeral. Meanwhile, Carrie mends some fences with Mr. Big.

6.The Cheating Curve

Carrie officially gets back with Mr. Big, while Charlotte is swept away with the power Lesbian elite.

7.The Chicken Dance

Miranda's interior decorator và her friend from London fall in love at first sight.

8.The Man, the Myth, the Viagra

Carrie và Big continue their new relationship, while Samantha starts seeing an older man.

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9.Old Dogs, New Dicks

Carrie tries to fix some of Big's annoying habits, Charlotte begins seeing an uncircumsized man; Samantha bumps into an old boyfriend.

10.The Caste System

Carrie & Big say "I love you." Meanwhile, Miranda breaks it off with the bartender, Samantha dates a rich guy with a duplicitous servant.

12.La Douleur Exquise

Big tells Carrie that he is off khổng lồ Paris for six months; Samantha takes the girls to lớn an S&M restaurant.

13.Games People Play

Carrie meets another 'wrong' guy in her shrink's waiting room; Samantha dates a sports addict.

14.The F**k Buddy

Carrie makes a date with her 'buddy.' Meanwhile, Samantha enjoys the action of a couple next door.


Carrie dates a short-story writer...and his family. Miranda begins dating a divorced father while Samantha sleeps with Charlotte's brother.

16.Was It Good for You?

Carrie questions her seeing an alcoholic man; Charlotte's latest lover falls asleep during sex.

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17.Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women

Carrie và the girls get a giới thiệu in the Hamptons...where they giảm giá with age disparities.

18.Ex và the City

In the Season Two finale, Mr. Big tells Carrie that he and Natasha are engaged; và Samantha meets Mr. Too Big