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2 : to give orders Rob seldom commanded, but when he did Master Ted had lớn give in.— Louisa May Alcott

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b(1) : a signal that actuates a device (such as a control mechanism in a spacecraft or one step in a computer)
4 : the personnel, area, or organization under a commander specifically : a unit of the U.S. Air Force higher than an air force
5 : a position of highest usually military authority He was relieved of his command after being charged with misconduct.

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commandable kə-​ˈman-​də-​bəl


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command, order, bid, enjoin, direct, instruct, charge mean to issue orders. Command and order imply authority và usually some degree of formality and impersonality. Command stresses official exercise of authority. a general commanding troops order may suggest peremptory or arbitrary exercise. ordered his employees about bid suggests giving orders peremptorily (as to children or servants). she bade him be seated enjoin implies giving an order or direction authoritatively and urgently và often with admonition or solicitude. a sign enjoining patrons to be quiet direct & instruct both connote expectation of obedience & usually concern specific points of procedure or method, instruct sometimes implying greater explicitness or formality. directed her assistant to hold all calls the judge instructed the jury to lớn ignore the remark charge adds lớn enjoin an implication of imposing as a duty or responsibility. charged by the President with a secret mission


power, authority, jurisdiction, control, command, sway, dominion mean the right khổng lồ govern or rule or determine. Power nguồn implies possession of ability khổng lồ wield force, authority, or influence. the power to lớn mold public opinion authority implies power nguồn for a specific purpose within specified limits. granted the authority lớn manage her estate jurisdiction applies to lớn official power nguồn exercised within prescribed limits. the bureau having jurisdiction over parks control stresses the power lớn direct & restrain. you are responsible for the students under your control command implies the power lớn make arbitrary decisions & compel obedience. the army officer in command sway suggests the extent of exercised power or influence. the empire extended its sway over the region dominion stresses sovereign nguồn or supreme authority. given dominion over all the animals

Verb She commanded us to leave. Military leaders commanded the troops to xuất hiện fire. She commanded that work on the bridge cease immediately. We had no choice but to bởi as they commanded. He commands a platoon of 60. With his skills and experience, he can command a high salary. The company commands much power & influence in the business world. Noun We are expected khổng lồ obey his commands. She shouted out commands khổng lồ the crew. We started khổng lồ teach the dog simple commands lượt thích “sit” and “lie down.” You can perform several actions with keyboard commands. The system recognizes voice commands. He was relieved of his command after being charged with misconduct. Who is the officer in command of the unit? I assumed command of the business after my father's death. He immediately took command of the situation. He finally felt in command of his life. See More
Recent Examples on the Web: Verb On Thursday, Johnson finally caved lớn pressure, paving the way for a Tory leadership contest to lớn determine who can command majority support in the House of Commons. — Christiaan Hetzner, Fortune, 7 July 2022 All firings, the Navy said, were the result in losses of confidence in ability khổng lồ command. — Andrew Dyer, San Diego Union-Tribune, 15 June 2022 Above all, the documentary humanizes a woman — often overshadowed by tabloid stories about her personal life — who continues to lớn take over the world with her arduous work ethic & ability khổng lồ command any audience. — Tomás Mier, Rolling Stone, 14 June 2022 What appeared lớn be new, however, was his ability to command it — consistently — against a major league lineup. — Nick Piecoro, The Arizona Republic, 6 June 2022 But it couldn’t be determined who else within the GOP conference would be able to step forward lớn command enough tư vấn if Mr. McCarthy falls short. — Alex Leary, WSJ, 23 Apr. 2022 Apprenticeships are one of the vanishingly few issues that command support from both sides of the aisle. — Ryan Craig, Forbes, 15 Apr. 2022 At a recent count, of the 20 or so Russian generals who were sent to Ukraine, at least six have been killed, a devastating blow to lớn the Russian ability to lớn command its forces in the field. — Neta C. Crawford, The Conversation, 4 Apr. 2022 No one else will be as entertaining, or have the same ability lớn command attention, among other things. — Rich Lowry, National Review, 25 Mar. 2022 Recent Examples on the Web: Noun The candidate seemingly in line lớn lead al Qaeda is an Egyptian former special-forces soldier, Saif al-Adel, who has served as second-in-command at the group since 2020. — Jessica Donati, WSJ, 4 Aug. 2022 Burton hired John Hanning Speke, a soldier, surveyor, và avid hunter, as his second in command. — David Conrads, The Christian Science Monitor, 3 Aug. 2022 Nass helped Largo build Awe Collective & was director of operations, his second in command. — Andi Berlin, The Arizona Republic, 3 Aug. 2022 Amid the racial tensions of the civil rights movement, Nichols played Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, a communications officer who was fourth in command of the Starship Enterprise. — Sarah Kuta, Smithsonian Magazine, 2 Aug. 2022 The remaining soldier, who seemed khổng lồ be in command, held Iryna and Volodymyr at gunpoint. — Masha Gessen, The New Yorker, 1 Aug. 2022 Uhura was presented matter-of-factly as fourth in command, exemplifying a hopeful future when Blacks would enjoy full equality. — Adam Bernstein, Washington Post, 31 July 2022 The broadcast further claimed that Ruslan Stefanchuk, chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada, was in command in Zelensky’s stead. — Wired, 25 July 2022 Trump, for his part, sent out a tweet after the violence already had started, calling Pence a coward, fueling the rage the mob had for his second-in-command who had served him loyally for years. — Globe Staff,, 25 July 2022 Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective An upcoming marksmanship exercise for early-August was also canceled, as were a pre-command course, firearms training for soldiers who need to improve their marksmanship, và more. — Oren Liebermann, CNN, 23 July 2021 See More

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First Known Use of command


14th century, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


1826, in the meaning defined above

History và Etymology for command


Middle English comanden, from Anglo-French cumander, from Vulgar Latin *commandare, alteration of Latin commendare lớn commit to lớn one's charge — more at commend

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The first known use of command was in the 14th century

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