Out of several weapons, potions, items, blocks, mobs, & so on, Minecraft chose lớn update one of their wicked spells.

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Yes, you heard that right. Curse of Vanishing is EXACTLY! the enchantment spell I am talking about.

After playing Minecraft for 10 consecutive hours I have learned a thing or two about the vanishing curse.


The main reason why Minecraft added such enchantment is that you can challenge yourself for not dying. The spell in Minecraft can be used on any item. However, the enchantment can be used on weapons, shields, & elytra as well.

If you are vicious and also lượt thích witchcrafts and wizardries then you should try this spell in Minecraft. Besides the Vanishing spell, Minecraft also added one more contradictory treasure enchantments to reduce the paranoia which is called the Curse of Binding. It is a bad enchantment.

You can either collect the enchantments using the buried treasures, loot chests, fishing or even trading with villagers.

You might have sầu thought that the vanishing spell is something related khổng lồ disappearing yourself.

No need to feel ashamed of, I myself thought the same when the enchantment first took place in Minecraft. However, it is a vanishing spell but only used on items & armors.

Normally, when you die in Minecraft world accidentally or intentionally, the held items in your inventory are dropped inkhổng lồ the ground.

If you are in Multiplayer mode then, other players will definitely take advantage of your demise và collect your precious items. Change the Minecraft Difficulty level khổng lồ khuyễn mãi giảm giá with them.

Let’s cut khổng lồ the chase:

To stop other players from taking your valuable items, the curse is cast. If on any chiến thắng the curse of the vanishing spell is applied, that thành công will disappear for good & cannot be collected by your enemies.

Add the Cursed spell using an enchanting table, anvil, or game commvà. Also, you have sầu to die in order to lớn make the vanishing enchantment to work properly.

Let me provide you with a perfect example of your ease.

If you use the enchantment on armor, the armor will completely disappear when you die. Frankly speaking, this spell works only when specific ingredients are provided lớn it (more on that later).

The maximum level for using the vanishing spell in Minecraft is Level 1. So, you can only use the spell in any one thành quả. You can’t use it on multiple items. So, you can say this as the drawbaông chồng of the enchantment.

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Minecraft Curses Enchantment Table

Minecraft Enchantments

Namespaced ID

Purpose of Enchantment

Items that can be Enchanted

Number of Max Level

Enchantment Weight

Minecraft ID

Minecraft version

Curse of vanishingvanishing_curse

Item will vanish completely after the player dies

Tools, weapons, armors1171Available on Minecraft v. 1.11 & above sầu (not available on Minecraft Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition.
Curse of Bindingbinding_cursePrevents player from removing the itemOnly Armors--27Available on Minecraft v. 1.11 and above (not available on Minecraft Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition.

How khổng lồ Find the Vanishing Enchantment Book

Finding the enchantment book does depover on your luck. However, the Easiest way khổng lồ get the vanishing book is trading with a Village Librarian. You just need lớn set up some bookcases & a lectern in order lớn trade the enchantment books with the village librarian.

However, in Minecraft Bedrochồng Edition, you cannot get the enchantment easily. Either you have lớn use a third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ software or, convert Xbox one edition world to lớn Bedroông chồng Edition that has the curse.

Here are some ways to lớn find the Vanishing Enchantment Book:

1. Use the Enchantment Command

If you are in Minecraft JAVA edition (PC/MAC), then using the Minecraft Enchantment Commands will help you get the book of curse easily.

Here is the commvà for vanishing enchantment:

/enchant p (player name) vanishing_curse 11

NB: Here 11 denotes the number of books wanted.

2. Trade with a Village Librarian

After the enchantment commands, the best way khổng lồ find the book is via. trading. If you have some bookcases and a lectern then, go near a village và find a librarian willing to lớn trade the items for a vanishing curse spellbook.

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3. Try Fishing in the River or Find Loots in Underwater Ruins

There is less chance of finding a Minecraft Vanishing Book while Fishing. It’s about 2%. However, looting in Ruins can give you a higher chance of finding the enchantment book.

As I said earlier, the treasure enchantments will be found naturally. It’s just a matter of time và luck.

Loot for Temples (Desert Temples, Underwater Ruins) & Dungeons for the enchantment books.

After you get the Vanishing enchantment book in Minecraft, you can now use the curse on items intentionally for pranks or for death. Just kidding.

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How lớn Use the Minecraft Curse of Vanishing Enchantment on Any Item

You can use the Minecraft cursed spell on any of the items including fishing rod, Armors, Stone pickaxe cộ, Diamond Shovel, & so on.