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level 1
· 1 yr. ago

DanMabỏ ra OVAs never really fails to lớn make me laugh! I just love how ridiculous these could be. It's great that the Miach Familia gets some screen time this time. I love sầu how they can't even pronounce their own familia name

Dian Cecht is pretty hilarious too with his commentary about his bath house prices and that Darth Vader parody definitely caught me off guard!

And I totally expected that Airmid was the source of the bath house's water. It was pretty obvious with the opening scene & how she gets embarrassed whenever Dian Cecht was talking about their water. Dpesn't lessen how hilarious Airmid's reaction though when she was finally found out!

Oh & we learn that Ganesha apparently has a big wooly mammoth according lớn Hestia who never broke eye tương tác with Ganesha's Ganesha the entire time xD

màn chơi 2
· 1 yr. ago

Thank you for the stitches! It was nice lớn have sầu some rare fanservice from Eina & best girl Syr! I think is probably one of the better ovas that have sầu come out of this show & I think Ganesha's wooly mammoth made it unforgettable!

cấp độ 2
· 1 yr. ago

I enjoyed this one! The budget went to lớn a good place