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Have sầu you ever heard that half of all Amazon sales came from third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ sellers rather than Amazon directly và ⅔ ahy vọng those sellers are using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)? FBA is not a new concept as it has been successfully applied khổng lồ optimize many businesses’ profit margins for decades.

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It is undeniable that FBA is a huge briông xã that builds Amazon giant. If you inquire what it is & why it is so hot, issf.vn is here to break down all of these wonders in this issf.vn.

Let’s get started.

1. What is Fulfillment by Amazon?

Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA is a service offered by Amazon where it helps sellers take the burden off of fulfillment things, such as storage, packaging, và shipping. If sellers choose FBA, they will be charged with some specific fees that cover all processes.

2. How does Fulfillment by Amazon work?

Sellers send their items khổng lồ Amazon to be stored in Amazon fulfillment centers. After Amazon receives your inventory, you can monitor it through your tracking number. It is stored in Amazon warehouse until a customer orders your items from Amazon (or another eCommerce platform). Amazon is then responsible for picking, packing and shipping these sold items khổng lồ customer’s hands

3. Why sell issf.vn products with FBA?

Free picking up fee

The process of your inventories being shipped inlớn Amazon warehouses is a huge burden for sellers since there are a bunch of fees they need lớn cover. issf.vn will lighten this heavy load on your shoulders by covering the picking up fee to Amazon.

Leverage Amazon’s reputation for your business

One of the biggest benefits of FBA is that Amazon is a trusted br&. Your items with an FBA shipping label can gain much more credibility & reputation to customers more than ever. Most shoppers believe sầu that products with FBA are those with Amazon’s unique – a br& your customers have grown lớn trust. With this huge benefit, you can easily grant a privilege from Amazon to lớn boost your sales & gain trust from your customers.

More secure stoông xã on holidays

Stocking và shipping on holidays are always a huge nightmare to lớn most sellers. It may not only decrease your store’s performance on most ecommerce platforms, but seriously disappoint your customers. Being ready for the worst case is always necessary. Stocking issf.vn’s products in FBA warehouses as soon as possible is the best preparation for you on the overloading-order days.

It’s much easier lớn win Buy Box

Buy Box on Amazon is the box next to lớn a listing that allows customers to cliông xã “add to cart” which helps generate 82% of Amazon sales. This is a competition between Amazon sellers who sell the same products. Since the Amazon algorithm tends lớn prefer FBA sellers so those who use FBA can leverage this lớn boost your sales more than ever. Buy Box helps your products be more visible to customers which have sầu 82% to generate sales for your e-commerce .

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Faster shipping time và discount shipping rate

Shipping fee & delivery time are two main reasons for cart abandonment during checkout. But they will no longer bother you since Amazon surely gives excellent 2-day shipping services for FBA sellers’ customers while this is quite extreme for FBM sellers (Fulfillment By Merchant).

With 175 fulfillment centers around the world, orders placed through Amazon are processed and shipped faster than those sent out from FBM retailers. Through FBA, sellers are going to spkết thúc less on shipping fees than operating your own shipping. FBA also makes your products eligible for Amazon Prime không tính tiền two-day shipping, không lấy phí shipping on qualifying orders và other similar options, which most customers are crazy in love sầu with.

Customer service & return management

If you choose FBA, customer service will no longer bother you since Amazon offers their own customer service, returns, và refunds for FBA sellers. They hire professionals khổng lồ ensure that your customers always have sầu a positive experience. They tackle issues 24/7 and save sầu you the trouble & the money of having to find qualified professionals to lớn handle customer issues. This takes one more huge thing off your plate.

A chance lớn join Prime Day

Despite being exclusive to Prime shoppers, Amazon Prime Day 2021 is the second-largest shopping sự kiện for Amazon sellers after Blachồng Friday. This tells how giant the Prime Day is khổng lồ sellers. Using FBA as your fulfillment method will definitely help you get a precious chance to join it. Regardless of your business Mã Sản Phẩm, by joining Amazon as an FBA seller your products will automatically be considered for Amazon Prime. Leverage this opportunity to significantly boost your sales as well as your brvà awareness to this massive Prime customer segment.

Multi-channel fulfillment

FBA isn’t only for selling on the Amazon platform. You can also use FBA to lớn access new multi-channel fulfillment solutions. MCF is a program within FBA allowing you khổng lồ ship your inventory khổng lồ both your Amazon customers và the ones from other ecommerce platforms while still having Amazon fulfill them. Managing fulfillment across omni-channel can be difficult, expensive, time-consuming & inconsistent. Letting Amazon handle it for you, ensures you’re giving customers the best experience possible.

Amazon’s quality assurance

Once you choose FBA, you will get a reputable hàng hóa supervisor. Before being stored inlớn Amazon’s warehouse, all products have to lớn go through a stringent quality inspection process examined by Amazon. If the sản phẩm doesn’t satisfy unique requirements, it will be returned directly to lớn the manufacturer. Sellers can simply sit on the couch while an automatic unique management system from a reliable giant Amazon monitors your works. Thereby, preventing customer complaints, improving your stores’ performance và the product’s ranking.

4. The costs of FBA:

Despite the huge benefits of using FBA, there are a few things that sellers should consider before joining this giant path.

Long term storage fee

If you are a starter, jumping right inkhổng lồ FBA is quite risky since you have sầu no idea which products are worth being fulfilled by FBA. Amazon will charge a fee for products that are stored in their warehouses for up to lớn 365 days. This long-term storage fee may heavily kick in your profit margins.

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To minimize the risks as much as possible, start fulfilling at issf.vn và piông chồng your best-selling variants to lớn be fulfilled by FBA. This way will definitely help you know exactly what kind of products are easily sold to completely prsự kiện the long term fee from FBA.

Return processing fee, date: 27th August, 2021. Source: sellercenter.Amazon.com

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