According khổng lồ Thanh Nien Game’s source, in the near future, the advertiser CMN Online will “launch” the trò chơi King of Pirates – adapted with the spirit of the original One Piece 100%. The trò chơi is expected lớn launch on January 20, 2022.

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Pirate King possesses quite simple 2d graphics in the familiar manga style. From the character creation, the scene of the arena, the battleship… to lớn the sound effects, all recall the player’s realistic và vivid Onepiece manga.

Entering the world of King of Pirates – CMN, players will transform into 1 of 3 classes of Swordsman, Navigator or Gunner with separate skills, certain skills that can support each other in combat. . The chơi game of the trò chơi King of Pirates – CMN is a familiar turn-base gameplay, forming a squad together to fight, although nothing new, but it is simple to lớn help players easily adapt to the battle rhythm of the game. The plot of the game also follows closely with the original One Piece manga, leading players from the early stages when the pirate king Roger was captured by the Navy khổng lồ the battles with BigMom, Kaido…

Platform diversity

The chất lượng feature of the game is that players can play on any device from mobile to PC, making it easy for players lớn experience the game. For players who love the convenience of being able to download games to lớn their phones from stores like the Appstore and Google Play, those with limited phone storage can still log in and play right on their phone’s browser. Phone without having lớn download.

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Freely change formation

Still a familiar turn-base gameplay, but the main highlight is the fact that the formation has 6 generals 1 main và 5 minor. Can change positions for each other khổng lồ be able to arrange a more reasonable lineup. Dung can stand in front, Tri và Nhan can stand in the back to support attack và heal. With the freedom to change the lineup, arrange the positions of diverse generals, making the tactics in the matches more unpredictable.

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Many choices of champions

To be able to conquer the extras to lớn find valuable materials to upgrade their combat power, players need khổng lồ have for themselves powerful generals, have special skills in the squad & the interesting point is the shaping of the generals. In Pirate King – CMN are all standard according lớn the original One Piece story. Players will freely collect their favorite One Piece characters such as Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Ace, Sabo, Whitebeard, Law… khổng lồ villains like Blackbeard, Akainu, Kaido, Bigmom…

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