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Please consider donating to lớn keep the master server up. Description Ever dreamed of a cooperative mode in a grand theft tự động hóa game? Well, now it"s a reality, sort of. You can complete missions with your friends, experience the joys of heisting with random people, or just drive around the interstate with your buddy.You can mô tả your game"s NPCs by checking tóm tắt World With Players in the Settings submenu.Enter as passenger by pressing G và talk in chat by pressing T Installation 1. Install ScriptHookV & ScriptHookVDotNet v2.42. Drag và drop all the contents of the "client" folder in the zip into your scripts/ thư mục located in the GTA5 root folder. If it doesn"t exist, create one.3. Once in-game, press F9 to mở cửa the menu, and connect to lớn a server.4. Cảnh báo that if you are playing offline, you"ll need khổng lồ change your name in in GTACOOPSettings.xml found in your scripts/ folder. Hệ thống hosting You can host your own server too! Just extract all contents of the server/ thư mục anywhere you want và run GTAServer.exe. A Settings.xml file will be created where you will be change a number of options, lượt thích the vps name, password, or whether announce yourself lớn the master hệ thống list.Note that you need to lớn port forward the specified UDP port. Server Side Scripting You can create filterscripts & gamemodes by referencing GTAServer & inheriting from ServerScript class. Then place your dll in the filterscripts or gamemodes folder, and showroom it khổng lồ the Settings.xml file.You can find additional server scripts at Issues? Suggestions? Please post them here. Disclaimer This has nothing to vì chưng with the Online mode, so you will not get banned.Due to technical limitations & still being in development, the synchronization is not perfect, & some glitches may happen. Changelog -0.9-- Added clientside vehicle movement prediction. Cảnh báo that it"s not smoothed out yet because of one pesky bug, but that will come soon.-- Optimized server.-- Removed debug options from Settings submenu as they were useless in non-internal builds.-- Misc bugfixes.-0.8.1-- Added an option khổng lồ enable traffic-- Added player"s ping lớn the Active Players menu.-- Improved server"s performance-- server browser won"t crash anymore. Instead it will spew an error and log it.-0.8-- Client: New improved chat.-- Client: Added automatic entity và blip cleanup after server disconnect.-- Client: Fixed synced vehicles launching with huge force.-- Client: Fixed vehicle carjacking causing the other player to lớn possess your vehicle.-- Server: Added SendNotificationToPlayer/AllPlayers, SendPictureNotificationToPlayer, SetNativeCallOnDisconnectForPlayer, ToggleNightissf.vnsionForPlayer.-- Server: Renamed TeleportPlayer lớn SetPlayerPosition-- Server: Added Race gamemode.-- Server: Fixed OnPlayerConnect not being called.-0.7-- Client: Greatly improved vehicle syncronization, no more jiggle.-- Server: Any client with script version before 0.6 is now blocked to lớn the servers.-- Client: fixed messaged gettings split incorrectly.-- Client: Fixed players disappearing when approaching them.-- Client: Fixed rare crash when opening Active Players-- Client: vps gamemode now shows up in the vps browser.-- Cient: vps browser is now wider.-- Client: Fixed peds và blips not cleaning up properly after a server switch. -0.6.1-- Client: fixed settings reading from the wrong place.-- Server: fixed filterscripts not working on gnu+linux.-- Server: fixed hệ thống sending wrong nickname information to lớn clients.-- Server: changed master vps announcement behaissf.vnour.-0.6-- Client: Display name & game name are now separate. You can change the display name in the Settings submenu.-- Server: You can disable display names và instead use game names. (players cannot change trò chơi names).-- Server: script infrastructure overhaul, now instead of using RemoteUniqueIdentifiers, you are proissf.vnded with a Client object that has the player"s basic information. This breaks compatibility with older filterscripts.-- Server: OnPlayerConnect và OnPlayerDisconnect now have a boolean return value. Return false to silence the message.-- Server: you can get player"s game & co-op client versions.-- AdminTools: added /godmode to kiểm tra whether a player is invulnerable. Added /countdown for fun.-- AdminTools: added extension methods for easy trương mục management.-- Client: long messages are now split in half.-- Client: reason for disconnect notification.-- Misc bugfixes-- note that this update may be incompatible with older servers.-0.5-- Client: Added player streaming.-- Client: Added parachute syncronization.-- Client: Improved (again) vehicle sync at high speeds-- Client: Horns are now time-accurate.-- Client: Fixed player danh sách showing inaccurate positions.-- Client: you can now change language in the new chat.-- AdminTools: Added weather & time syncronization (commands /time và /weather)-- Server: Added SetNativeCallOnTickForPlayer, RecallNativeCallOnTickForPlayer.-- Server: Added LocalGamePlayerArgument-- Server: Gamemodes và filterscripts should be automatically unblocked.-0.4.1-- Fixed framerate issues.-- Fixed game mã sản phẩm pool running out.-0.4-- Added vehicle modifications syncronization-- Added player clothes syncronization-- Added siren & horn synchronization-- Better vehicle sync on high speeds, if the vehicle is stuck change your Sync Mode khổng lồ Teleport & back.-- Fixed numerous bugs-0.3-- Vehicle sync should be smoother now. You still can use the old one by changing Sync Mode in Settings.-- Added a player các mục to the main menu, along with their ping.-- Fixed some vps bugs-- Added a default settings tệp tin for the server.-0.2-- Fixed issue that caused random desyncronizations.-- Added player names for blips on the map-- Fixed shooting not being syncronized properly when standing. All sourcecode is freely available at Github Credits