How can you increase the hashrate of a video clip thẻ or GPU rig? One option is khổng lồ adjust the GPU settings that can affect the hashrate. This can be done by flashing the đoạn phim card. Also, besides a faster mining speed, flashing can help khổng lồ reduce power consumption, so that you will spover less on electricity bills (this is especially important if you are the owner of a large farm). This article will tell you how Hive OS flash đoạn Clip cards và improve their performance.

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What is a GPU BIOS flash?

Reflashing the BIOS involves replacing the đoạn phim thẻ software with a different one. When done correctly, it can improve sầu the mining performance of the graphics card. Rethành viên to lớn save your original BIOS before changing it, so that you can revert to your original BIOS if something goes wrong. It’s easy khổng lồ flash a Clip card BIOS in Hive OS. Just follow the steps below & be aware of the risks involved.

Why should I flash VBIOS?

Flashing your graphics thẻ may be beneficial on select models. These include increased hashrate and/or reduced power consumption.For AMD Polaris Cards (RX 470-580), Navi 10 (RX 5600XT/5700/5700XT) you can modify the BIOS the way you want with tools lượt thích Polaris BIOS Editor or Red BIOS Editor. For other cards, on the other h&, this is not possible, so if you want lớn change BIOS, load some existing, official BIOS from some graphics thẻ manufacturer, compatible with your GPU. Flashing the BIOS has a higher risk, so be very careful. Making a mistake sometimes may even lead to lớn permanent damage khổng lồ your graphics card.GPU BIOS flash does not always have khổng lồ be about uploading a different graphics card"s BIOS. Sometimes manufacturers may release newer, updated BIOS for a GPU years after the hàng hóa launch.

How lớn flash the AMD cards in Hive sầu OS


Step 1: log in to your Hive sầu OS trương mục.

Step 2: select the required farm, & the required worker, & then move to lớn the Overclocking tab.


Step 3: click the Download VBIOS button.

Step 4: specify from which video clip thẻ you want khổng lồ tải về it.

Step 5: VBIOS will appear as a message. Be sure to lớn save sầu the original VBIOS from the cards in case you need to lớn roll baông xã.

Step 6: launch the Polaris BIOS Editor program (it is available in both paid and free versions).

Step 7: open VBIOS with the help of Polaris BIOS Editor. In the paid version, your screen will look something like this:


And here is the miễn phí version:


Step 8: clichồng the One cliông chồng timing patch button in the lower right corner. Then cliông chồng Yes.

Step 9: save sầu VBIOS.

Step 10: go bachồng khổng lồ the Overclocking tab và cliông xã the Flash VBIOS button:


Step 11: select the VBIOS tệp tin, select the card that you are going lớn flash and clichồng the Flash VBIOS button.

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That’s it!

How to flash the NVIDIA cards in Hive OS

To flash the NVIDIA cards you will need a newer VBIOS:

Step 1: log in lớn your Hive sầu OS tài khoản.

Step 2: select the required farm, và the required worker, & then move to lớn the Overclocking tab.

Step 3: cliông xã the Download VBIOS button.

Step 4: specify from which Clip card you want to lớn download it.

Step 5: after VBIOS was downloaded, go bachồng to lớn Hive sầu OS & move to lớn the worker, which Clip thẻ you want to lớn flash.

Step 6: go back khổng lồ the Overclocking tab và clichồng the Flash VBIOS button:

Step 7: select the VBIOS tệp tin, select the card that you are going to flash, & clichồng the Flash VBIOS button.

As an option, you can tải về a newer VBIOS here.

Attention! ALWAYS save sầu the original VBIOS.

So now you know how khổng lồ flash đoạn Clip cards. But remember that you need to lớn vì this very carefully, following the instructions described above. You are flashing đoạn Clip cards at your own risk!

In case you have sầu any doubts or questions — get in touch with us. We are always ready to advise you on how lớn avoid problems when flashing.

Mine profitably with Hive sầu OS!


How to flash VBIOS?

Hive sầu OS flash bios video clip card. How? Hive OS allows you khổng lồ flash VBIOS of your đoạn phim card in the user panel on your farm page. To easily change the VBIOS of your GPU in the Hive sầu OS panel, tải về your current VBIOS in the Overclocking tab. Once you modify it (or find the desired VBIOS), click the Flash VBIOS button and select the VBIOS you want to lớn upload.

What is VBIOS?

VBIOS (Video thẻ BIOS) is a Clip card software, which initializes the đoạn phim thẻ at boot time và describes the set of instructions that the đoạn phim thẻ can exexinh đẹp. It handles core and memory clocking, người tốc độ, và voltage selection, among muốn other things. It is stored in the graphics card"s memory, not on the user"s computer, unlike graphics drivers.

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What is VBIOS flash?

VBIOS flash is the process of replacing the VBIOS of a graphics card. In cryptocurrency mining, this can lead lớn benefits such as increased hashrate và lower power consumption. Unfortunately, nowadays both NVIDIA and AMD digitally sign the VBIOS of their graphics cards, making it impossible to modify them. However, it is still often possible khổng lồ change lớn another manufacturer"s VBIOS or, if available, lớn update the current one.