Sims 4 is an amazing game that gives you endless opportunities khổng lồ create life stories. But the downside of this game is its laông chồng of adult & dramatic nội dung. However, being a highly customizable game, The Sims 4 gives its players an opportunity to lớn add mods to add all the things they want to their save. We made a list of best of the best adult mods, that can spice your game up.

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Best Sims 4 Adult ModsPsychic ModSmoking ModThe Realistic Reactions ModUltrasound Scan ModSugar LifeSNB BankExtreme Violence ModDrugs ModHoe It UpThe Cursed Painting ModBlack Magic ModRedAppleNet ModSimDa Dating AppLife’s DramaAdult Life ModMenstrual Cycle và Fertility ModLife TragediesRambunctious ReligionsLGBT ModNisa’s Wicked PerversionsSlice of Life ModTorture và Chaos ModGangs ModMortem ModWicked Whims

This small hack adds an opportunity lớn have sầu gynecologist visits or an ultrasound kiểm tra during sim’s pregnancy.

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The Ultrasound Scan hack gives your syên (not only girls, rethành viên about the alien pregnancies) an option to lớn check the baby’s gender, get a scan that can be put on the wall & create a special memory. This gian lận makes adulthood a little more real, & procreating will be much more memorable now for your sims.

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Sugar Life

Life doesn’t need to be one-sided. If your syên ổn enjoys other syên ổn company, vị now not have sầu marriage intentions, but have sầu a shortage of coins, just ask her or hyên ổn lớn emerge as your Sugar Daddy or Mommy! The Sugar Life mod provides 3 new trends: Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mommy, or Sugar Baby. If your slặng has the Baby trait and a decent stage of a lãng mạn relationship with someone, the syên ổn can ask hyên ổn or her lớn emerge as a Sugar Partner. When your syên ổn has a Sugar Daddy/Mommy Trait, he or she will be able to lớn end up one for their chosen Sugar Baby. You can ask a day by day allowance from your Sugar Partner: 500 simoleons, but if you need greater, you ought to have a passionate WooHoo together with your Partner. If the Sugar Partner wasn’t satisfied by the sexual interactions, you"ll thất bại your increased every day allowance and a few romance between sims. It is the top notch gian lận khổng lồ feature more styles of romantic relationships to your recreation, or only for a laugh!

SNB Bank

Adult troubles for the grown-up sims. This awesome hack adds a cool opportunity khổng lồ have a mobile type banking system in your game. The SNB Bank will give sầu spare accounts for every sim you want (don’t let your spouse spkết thúc that hard-earned money on the Don’t Wake the Llama board game), và you will now need to pay for every new utility you want lớn have. Also, a great system of taxes was introduced to the game with this thủ thuật. Now, after the Eteo Lifestyle patch, you can have some of the mod’s options in your game, but still, SNB Bank mod gives you a true feel of the banking system in the game.

Extreme Violence Mod

Life is not always roses và daisies. Extreme Violence mod adds murders, gangs, violent attacks, suicides, serious fights, and a lot of other violence to lớn the game. It adds a lot of depth lớn the game và an abundance of new interactions. You can even get arrested or sover some not very nice NPCs to lớn a jail. Be a good guy or a true evil: Extreme Violence mod gives you a new cấp độ of things và randomness in your game.

Drugs Mod

Smoking is not the best dependancy you may now upload for your gameplay. The Drugs hack capabilities custom tablets (alcohol, prescribed drugs, & ordinary ones) & various consequences that accompany this addiction, along with one of a kind walk styles & moodlets. This gian lận additionally allows you to be worried in drug dealing and emerge as a real drug lord of The Sims. You may be caught by the police & have sầu problems due khổng lồ your drug dealing. Another huge feature of the mod is the police. You can cooperate with them on your darkish stuff, lượt thích laundering the money, bribing, và so on.

Hoe It Up

Street prostitution, lap-khiêu vũ, & striptease services can be possible with this new Hoe It Up gian lận. The hack has a ability system that lets in your slặng to lớn provide sexual offerings to other sims. You gets a strip pole for dance performances, và lap-khiêu vũ may be performed on the, you get it, different sim’s laps. In a streetwalker career, you can offer sexual service lớn other sims on the street. Animations for this thủ thuật were performed quite well, so we advise you lớn feature it to spice up the darkish elements of your town.

The Cursed Painting Mod

Dating is difficult in sims existence too! The SimDa App on the way to lớn help you! The mod adds an app in your sim’s sản phẩm điện thoại phone khổng lồ assist hyên or her with romance. You can meet your soulmate, move at the blind date or simply locate someone khổng lồ have sầu a one-night stvà on this ứng dụng. Do now not be shy: all of us sims beings in spite of everything. But strive sầu now not to get your syên pregnant (you may upload pregnancy chance add-directly to spice the matters up).

Life’s Drama

Drama và pain are almost never a part of your sim’s life. But with the Life’s Drama thủ thuật, you can get your syên to feel what it’s lượt thích khổng lồ be a living being. Dirty secrets, gossiping, fighting against racism, violence or bullying, public scraping, and so much more will be a part of your sims’ life with this hack. Life’s drama brings a new social system & reputation, so be prepared that your actions now will have consequences.

Adult Life Mod

Similar lớn the previous hack, but this particular one is focused on social interactions between your sims. It is not fair that your lovely sims cannot talk about adult stuff, so the Adult Life hack fixes it. You can confess lớn your cheating, talk about STD’s, drugs, etc. The hack even adds some adult interactions like smoking or drinking, but we find that separate dedicated mods work better for us.

Menstrual Cycle và Fertility Mod

Menstruation is a big part of every woman’s life. You can now add it khổng lồ your game! Negative moodlets, unexpected pregnancies, cramps, fertile và infertile days. This Cycle mod gives you a part of adulthood that can be very irritating, but it is so great for family gameplay.

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Life Tragedies

This is one of the best mods that changed into lớn ever created for The Sims franchise. Slice of Life provides acne, bruises, flashing, tears, persona structures, menstrual cycle, and a lot more. Emotions are actually deeper and extra meaningful. Your sims can now be truly depressed, livid, depressing, or harassed. This gian lận has the most impact on the adults, but teenagers & elders may have their unique buffs và moodlets too.

Torture & Chaos Mod

Ah, the enchanted book that turns your chosen syên ổn inkhổng lồ a true evil lord! Torture và Chaosgian lận allow your sim to lớn kill and torture other sims, make them pee themselves, or make everyone depressed. This is a good hack for fantasy lovers: you can make your slặng a Dark Lord and make everyone fear you.

Gangs Mod

Be a loyal part of the gang or ruthless gang leader with a new Gangs mod. Gain skills, vày the missions, create a gang, or hire someone new to it. The gangs can go khổng lồ war or do something for you if you want it. But vì not cross their path, or you can become the next victyên of the gang.

Mortem Mod

After all those killing mods, your syên deserves a good funeral. The Mortem mod replaces regular Grlặng Reaper with a proper funeral process. You will have to lớn invite a medical examiner lớn see the body, vày examinations & let you have a funeral. You can mourn your beloved syên during the special event, that will pay all the honors to lớn the syên ổn. This is a beautiful mod that makes the death of your slặng a little more special.

Wicked Whims

Wicked Whims is arguably the most well-known và cool adult hack for The Sims. It has so much lớn provide to lớn the gamer: new intercourse interactions (even threesomes và foursomes), practical bodies, energetic sexual interactions even between NPC’s and also a menstrual và being pregnant device. We cannot endorse you enough this gian lận, due to the fact it"s miles a true recreation-changer in The Sims.