Observale Là Gì? Cách Tạo Ra Observable


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In this situation, voters face a standard inference problem of predicting the unobservable type (whether competent or not) of the incumbent from the observable policy.
It is the form of this representation that would dictate the "visual" nature of the phenomenology and the observable visual imagery effects.
Stable markings describe observable states, whereas the presence of one or more zero tokens in a given marking makes it unobservable.
The number of pumps, as observable from grinder movements, was counted within an interval of 20 sec.
Presence of forest or even initial stages of forest regeneration is associated with sharply lower land values, holding observable characteristics constant.
In the observable cases, evidence that children are attending provides one index of how children add new words to their store in memory.
Finally, we turn to observable indicators of the cost to the president of refusing the slate of cabinet appointments proposed by the prime minister.
Limitations of the study include the restriction of propensity adjustments to observable group differences.
The three metaphorical transformations are audible through the layers of observable musical elements to which they give rise: materials, expression, form and value.
By contrast, consciousness is (1) a fact that is observable by all, and (2) subject to significant constraints (limited capacity, seriality, slowness).
They do not deal with observable complexities of courtship nor with ambiguities in short- and long-term mating.
Linguists objected that it was inappropriate to search for such simple, direct correspondences between the abstract characteristics of language and observable behavior and brain activity.
These contrary effects result in a rather small, but still observable, performance impact of the task size.

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the process of stopping or reducing carbon gases, especially carbon dioxide, being released into the atmosphere as the result of a process, for example the burning of fossil fuels

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