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a drawing of a building, town, area, vehicle, machine, etc. that only shows its shape from above sầu, its form size, & the position of important details:
a method for doing or achieving something, usually involving a series of actions or stages, or something you have sầu arranged lớn do:
a drawing that shows the shape, form size, and position of important details of a building or other structure, or of objects within it:
have plans/no plans to lớn bởi sth A representative sầu of the ngân hàng said it had no plans to lớn make further cuts in its bonus rates.
under a plan A further 2,500 job cuts are planned for this year under a plan khổng lồ save sầu €1.3bn in costs.
a strategic/financial/sale plan Operations that vày not fit the firm"s overall strategic plan are currently being sold off.
have/come up with/draw up a plan You will need lớn have sầu a plan to cover start-up expenses while you grow your business.
announce/unveil/reveal a plan The telecommunications giant yesterday announced a restructuring plan.
outline/formulate/finalize a plan Over the next few months, the board will finalize its plans for meeting the 20trăng tròn mandate on carbon dioxide emissions.

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abandon/shelve/scrap a plan Plans to lớn expvà inkhổng lồ Spain & Portugal were shelved during the recession last year.
keep to/stick to/follow a plan By sticking lớn our original plan, we finally made a success of the business.
agree/adopt/implement a plan Get your team around the table & agree a plan of action to give sầu more attention khổng lồ detail.
a plan involves/includes sth A new €30 million investment plan announced Friday includes the construction of new plants.
a detailed drawing or diagram of a machine or building that shows the different parts, rooms, etc., including their kích cỡ and shape:
earlier/longer/less, etc. than planned Installing the new computer system has taken far longer than planned.
plan lớn bởi vì sth In February of this year, the company filed for bankruptcy, và it plans lớn auction its assets in late May.

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plan (on) doing sth She plans on working as a freelance consultant once she has left her current role.
Section 1 review the relevant literature on retirement plans and saving, education and saving, và behavioral economics.
In the stop-signal task, this tone indicated that the planned response to the grating should be withheld.