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I was struck by these writers" unswerving determination khổng lồ cling to lớn their ideas in the face of the evident contradictions they encountered in the countryside.
In practice, all kinds of balances were struck between these contending factors, but verbal explanations have been inadequate.
By analysing the natural frequency of oscillation of the beam when it struck an object, they were able to lớn estimate the liên hệ point.
If such a temporary " shutdown " is possible, something similar could happen when a person"s head is struck a powerful blow.
Most participants saw a balance lớn be struck between the benefits of such monitoring, determined by màn chơi of need, and the perceived intrusion into privacy.
He was convinced, not because he wanted to lớn be, but because the depositions struck him as devastating.
An 18-month-old toddler was brought lớn the hospital with severe head injury after being struck by a car.
Initially, that reply struck me as almost stereotypical in its combination of social superiority, condescension, & dismissiveness toward the interviewer.
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