The God Ò High School

With more & more anime being created and imported all the time, it was only a matter of time before platforms known mostly for distributing và streaming anime would also start adapting originals themselves. Crunchyroll released its inaugural slate of original programming in 20đôi mươi. Ahy vọng the shows making their debut was "The God of High School," an action-packed martial arts anime based on the manhwa of the same name that was created by Park Yongje and published by Webtoon.

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The show follows Jin Mori, a 17-year-old high school student and gifted martial artist from Seoul, South Korea, and his friends as they borrow power from mythical creatures & gods khổng lồ compete in a tournament sponsored by a shady corporation that is meant to determine the strongest high schooler of them all. The winner of the tournament, which is also known as "The God of High School," shall have sầu their wish granted by the company, no questions asked.

The 13-episode first season, which features animation by MAPPA ("Yuri!!! on Ice," "Attachồng on Titan"), was well-received when it debuted. Now fans are buzzing and wanting khổng lồ know if, & when, another season might be released. Here"s everything there is lớn know about "The God of High School" Season 2, including when you might be able to see it.

Typically, there are a few factors lớn consider with regards to anime renewals, including the popularity of the show and whether there is remaining source material khổng lồ be adapted. In this case, there is plenty of source material left to lớn pull from, as the comic upon which "The God of High School" is based remains ongoing. Meanwhile, the anime itself was popular và continues to find new fans. So, with that in mind, it stands to lớn reason that we"ll see a second season of "The God of High School" at some point. 

Unfortunately, there has been no official word from the powers that be regarding a Season 2 renewal for "The God of High School." Thus, it"s difficult khổng lồ say when new episodes might eventually debut. But it"s important to lớn keep in mind that the first season of "The God of High School" premiered on Crunchyroll in the late summer of 20đôi mươi, airing weekly through September. In the gr& scheme of things, it hasn"t been that long. We could see a renewal announcement sometime this summer and a new season in June 2022.

While there is no confirmation of another season, we can speculate about which members of the cast might return if/when Season 2 is officially announced based on the anime"s storylines. "The God of High School" follows Jin Mori, who is introduced as a 17-year-old high school student but is eventually revealed lớn be the god Sun Wukong (The Monkey King), who is actually over 1,000 years old. It seems likely that actor Tatsumaru Tachibamãng cầu would reprise the role in a possible second season. Likewise, it stands lớn reason that the actors who bring to life Mori"s two friends who also compete in the tournament at the center of the series, Han Daewi (Kentarô Kumagai) and Yu Mira (Ayaka Ohashi), would return as well.

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Additional supporting roles you"d probably see in a second season of "The God of High School" include Park Mugene, who is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa and is the main antagonist of the series; & Park Ilpyo, one of the country"s top fighters who is voiced by Koki Uchiyama.

Obviously, there has been no news of new cast members yet, but there will likely be some fresh faces in Season 2 as well, & we"ll update this story when we know more about them.

The first season of "The God of High School" features a complete story arc. At the kết thúc of Season 1, the fighter Taek (Kenjiro Tsuda) transforms inlớn a god, transcending humanity và unlocking powers that he unleashes on Mori and his friends. This change prompts Mori"s own awakening, unlocking his memories and allowing him khổng lồ remember he is not a mortal high school student but the great god Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King. With this knowledge now in hvà, he is able to summon his own powers & his staff Ruyi Jingớ ngẩn, which he uses to lớn attack Taek, who eventually transforms inlớn a boss khủng. With the help of his friends, Mori is able to lớn defeat Taek, becoming the winner of The God of High School tournament. He then uses his wish to heal Ilpyo"s friends who are injured.

While the main narrative sầu arc of the season concluded in the finale, there is a hint of what"s lớn come as well. The first season ends with Daewi & Mira telling Mori that he must travel khổng lồ his homelvà khổng lồ fully recover his memories as a god. So a second season will likely see them traveling lớn the higher dimension of the gods.

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The first season of "The God of High School" is streaming on Crunchyroll & HBO Max.