New game plus guide : the witcher 3 wild hunt

The Witcher 3: 14 Ways New Game+ Is Even Better Than The Initial Playthrough Did you love The Witcher 3 on your first playthrough? Then you need to give sầu NG+ a try. Here are ten ways New Game+ makes the game even better.

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Even imagining trying to lớn play through a gigantic RPG like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt once, let alone twice is a huge ask. The final stretch of the game is incredible, and it"s hard khổng lồ imagine resetting the narrative sầu baông xã lớn the beginning. But, if the Netflix Adaptation lead Henry Cavill can vày it, anyone can. Witcher 3’s NG+ mode has a lot to offer, especially since Geralt is allowed lớn transfer a lot of his end-game gear into the new run.

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Enemies, quests, và found gear is all scaled in relation to lớn the level Geralt is when the NG+ file is created, & he also has most of his formulas, recipes, và monster trophies as well. But, how does any of that make it enjoyable to play through the entire game again? Well, let’s find out. 

Updated April 15th, 2021 by Jacob Buchalter: The Netflix Adaptations for the Witcher 3 just wrapped up filming its second season, so the franchise is going khổng lồ see another boom in popularity once that’s out, but it’s not lượt thích Geralternative text isn’t still popular. New players are still jumping inkhổng lồ TW3: Wild Hunt every day, hoping to lớn experience a brand new khung of open-world RPG. But, there were a few neat concepts for New Game+ that were missed the first time around, so let’s take another look.

14 Geralternative text Starts With All His Tools

When a player first starts out in The Witcher 3, they don’t have much more than their two swords và the clothes on their baông xã. But, as they go through the game, they’ll acquire formulae và recipes that allow them lớn craft bombs, projectiles, potions, và decoctions. Stacking all these different variables on top of each other is what diversifies Geralt"s build for every player.

But, in New Game+, he starts out with a lot of the tools that took hyên so long to collect originally. So, even from White Orchard, the tutorial area, he can use bombs in combat, even the playing field with potions, or rely on his Signs more. Having all the tools right there from the start really changes the way a player can approach each & every battle.

13 Easier To Clean-Up Some Of Those Achievements

There’s already a mind-boggling number of different things lớn bởi at any moment in The Witcher 3, and including the Steam/Console achievements as well only makes that number even more unbelievable. Some of these achievements can be a real climb to unlock, such as the Master Marksman, Humpty Dumpty, or Overkill achievement.

Quite frankly, it’s so much easier khổng lồ unloông chồng these things in New Game+, simply because a lot of them require the player khổng lồ have specific skills or Sign upgrades. Trying khổng lồ unlock the Brawl Master achievement early on was almost impossible, due khổng lồ how little damage Geralt’s fists did. But, in NG+, his fists are a lot more powerful.

12 No More Looking Like A Dork In The Early Game

Early on in the Witcher 3’s chiến dịch, Geralternative text doesn’t have much to lớn choose from, in terms of armor that both looks good and protects hlặng. Basically, it isn’t until Geralternative text finds or crafts his first Witcher School armor that the White Wolf can actually wear something not covered in frills.

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But, in NG+, players get to lớn bring all their armor with them (even the ones in their stash), & while it will quickly become obsolete after the first ten or so levels, they still protect hyên ổn for long enough to lớn get away from all the Nilfgaardian dress clothes.

11 Roach Stays Upgraded

This is an aspect of the gear transferring over that people don’t really think about much, but yes, all of the saddles, blinders, and saddlebags come inlớn the New Game as well. This means that Roach will be able khổng lồ run for longer, won’t get scared as easily, and can carry a lot more of Geralt’s excess items. Having all this available from the beginning of the game makes it so much more fun khổng lồ go around exploring the map & hoarding items, which is just great.

10 Time To Explore The Alternate Paths

There is a lot of variability in the Witcher 3 in terms of the choices the player can make, especially in the more interesting side quests. And, unlượt thích other games where “difficult decisions” only have sầu an illusion of consequences/benefits, choices in TW3 can lead down completely alternate paths way down the line. Because a lot of the impact from certain choices aren’t immediate, save-scumming doesn’t even work well either. This is where NG+ comes in, as players can spkết thúc their second run trying out all the other decisions they avoided the first time around.

9 Try Something Completely New

On the surface, the builds in The Witcher 3 may look like they don"t have much variability. But, once the player puts some time into mastering the movement, combat, Signs, skills, alchemy, they’ll quickly realize just how variable Geralt’s build can be. In particular, Decoctions và Combat Skills really change the way a player may approach combat in general.

Starting over in NG+ means that a player can spend the tutorial and early game getting used lớn an entirely new build, và then once they, once again, obtain access to lớn Mutagens, Runes, inscriptions, & more, the possibilities become even more enjoyably complex.

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8 Or, Just Try A New Gwent Deck

Gwent is such a fun thẻ game. When it’s first tutorialized early on in TW3, a lot of players fell off of it. But, by their second or third game, they were hooked on Gwent. That said, players need lớn gather a lot of different cards from all over the map in order to lớn build a strong enough dechồng. And, for the most part, this led khổng lồ most players picking one of the four decks and sticking to lớn it. But, since the Gwent cards are one of the only things not transferred inkhổng lồ New Game+, it’s actually a pretty good time khổng lồ try out the Monster deông chồng or maybe even the Nilfgaardians.

7 Adapt Geralt"s Build To Any Situation

One of the things that transfers over khổng lồ NG+ that people might not expect are the Skill Points. That means that every Skill Geralt had unlocked & equipped when they finished the campaign is still there và ready khổng lồ go in NG+

The game gives Geralternative text a Potion of Clearance lớn remix everything too but depending on Geralt’s màn chơi, it might just be easier to lớn switch which skills are “equipped on the fly”. After a certain point in NG+, most players will have so many excess skill points that they can just unlochồng everything, & then re-adjust their build to their current predicament. It’s a lot of thực đơn work, sure, but there are a lot of people out there who enjoy that min-maxing aspect of it.

6 Try & Explore Both Maps In Their Entirety

There’s been a real emphasis on “bigger maps, better game” in the industry for a long time now. Every Assassin’s Creed game gets a bigger bản đồ, Dying Light 2 has promised that its map is 4x larger than the originals, và even Breath of the Wild bragged about its bản đồ kích thước. But, a lot of these games tover lớn have so much open space, with little lớn do in it. 

Luckily, that isn’t the case in the Witcher 3. It feels like Geralt is stumbling across some new enemy encampment or random encounter every 50 feet, which is why most people recommover not relying too heavily on the Fast Travel system. Frankly, it can be massively overwhelming, especially since it’s not just one gigantic bản đồ, but two. Thankfully, NG+ gives players the ability to explore all the areas they ignored their first time around.

5 Speeding Through White Orchard

The first time through, White Orchard is a godsover, but it does take a while khổng lồ get things going. It"s obviously a tutorial area, so there are a ton of “easy” side quests, plenty of Places of Power for early Skill Points, and numerous places to explore. But, on NG+, it might actually be more enjoyable khổng lồ skip it. Geralternative text starts with all his gear, so players don’t need the early quests lớn get them kitted out. All the Skill Points come with, so they won’t really need the Places of nguồn. 

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Plenty of people will absolutely enjoy White Orchard the second time around. But, being able to lớn skip it and get right inlớn the main story is a lot of fun. Though, if players are looking for some challenge in this area, just kill 7+ cows in the first town và go up against the “Bovine Defense Force”

4 Find New Love

The Butcher of Blaviken, aka Geralt of Rivia, is known for a lot of different things. His gold eyes, his bright Trắng hair, his toàn thân covered with scars, but he’s also known khổng lồ be a real playboy. And, players have sầu the choice in all of the games of who they want to lớn romance. Sure, most of the time it just boils down lớn a night of passion, but there are a few who are more serious. The big focus in TW2 was Triss Merigold, but TW3 has Yennefer, Geralt"s true love sầu that people who watched the Netflix series or read the books will obviously know about. So, for those who spent their first run staying faithful to Triss, maybe the second run is the time to lớn see how Yennefer"s path differs.

3 Do Some Reading, Learn About The Witching World

So much of the Witcher setting is interconnected. A decision across the continent could impact a side quest baông chồng in White Orchard for all the players know. And, for those who love lore, there’s so much of it khổng lồ experience. Whether it"s the beastiary snippets, the books that are found all over the place, the random NPCs Geralt can converse with, or even the Gwent stuff. There’s a lot there for people who played the first two games as well in terms of references. But, what’s really special is how much more understandable the plot và Nilfgaard x Temeria war becomes the second time around. 

It’s just how these things work. For any film, book, game, or other pieces of truyền thông with a lot of world-building, it might take a couple of tries to really underst& everything. And, the Witcher 3 is one of those games.

2 Aerondight Stays Overpowered

The Expansions/DLC for the Witcher 3 are both expansive & very different from each other, one brought bachồng a fan-favorite character, introduced new combat mechanics, and told an interesting story about a man with a heart of stone. While, conversely, the other DLC has new customization mechanics, a new và insanely beautiful region khổng lồ explore, a more conclusive “ending” lớn the game, & tons of references lớn folklore/fairy tales. But, in particular, the Mutagens introduced in the Blood và Wine expansion were such a fun inclusion that only gets better in NG+. 

It took so much time originally khổng lồ collect enough of each color lớn combine inlớn a greater version, or to hunt down the specific monsters carrying unique Mutagens. But, in NG+, Geralt starts with these things in his bag already, so players can mess around with them right away.