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Unleash the power or the most lethal agent lớn ever exist. You are Sam Fisher, và you've sầu been given the ultimate freedom to lớn protect innocents against a series of global terror attacks known as Blackmenu - the freedom to use limitless force, khổng lồ break every law, và lớn become the globe's deadliest operative. If you succeed, the President of the United States will deny you exist. If you fail, millions will die.

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Splinter Cell Blackmenu is the biggest game in the series featuring unrivaled scope và variety. Lead your team, customize your gear, hunt down the leaders of the terrorist force behind the Blackdanh mục and choose your way lớn take them down. Team-up with a frikết thúc lớn take on 2 CO-OP.. missions as Sam or Briggs. Choose your side in the classic Spies Vs Mercs multiplayer mode, & customize your own man of arms in the new Blackcác mục mode. YOUR RULES. YOUR WAY Splinter Cell Blacklist Homeland Paông chồng Includes exclusive sầu ULC content! Billionaire’s Yacht Co-op map Dead Coast Co-op maps Crossbow with sleeping gas bolts Gold, Amber & White goggles Upper Echelon Suit và 4E Eclipse Suit MBS Boots Exclusive Mercs và Spy Skin And more!

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Paông chồng up with the Splinter Cell Blacklist "High nguồn pack" DLC that contains all the additional fire weapons you need khổng lồ stay one step ahead of your enemies. The "High nguồn pack" DLC contains : USP45 Handgun (SPhường + MPhường. Spies) G36C Assault Rifle (SP + MP Mercs) MP5-10 SMG (SPhường + MP. Spies) ACS-12 Shotgun (SP + MP Mercs) PP-19 Blaông chồng Market SMG  (SP + MP. Spies)